I Made Super Lotion!

Hey guys!  I seen an interesting post on Facebook yesterday for a lotion recipe from The Skirt Girl.  The lotion she was making was what she called Super Lotion - a super hydrating/moisturizing lotion made with baby lotion and a few other items.  I hadn't ever heard of this before, but it sounded intriguing!  I went out and got the stuff to make it today, and you can see below exactly how I did it.  You can also see the post where I got the recipe here.

1 15oz bottle of Johnson's Baby Lotion
1 4oz tub of Vitamin E Skin Care Cream
3/4 cup petroleum jelly
1 cap full of Vitamin E oil

Put everything in a mixing bowl and mix until light and fluffy, then transfer to a container to use!  That's it!

Dana, the author of the article, uses an empty ketchup bottle for her Super Lotion.  I didn't have any empty bottles like that, so I just used the bottle my baby lotion came in.  I put the lotion in a gallon freezer bag, snipped the corner of the bag, and then just piped it in.

You have quite a bit more than what will fit in the bottle (obviously), so I closed the hole I had snipped in the freezer bag I was using with a paper clip.  (See above).  Then I put that freezer bag into a new/uncut freezer bag and sealed it shut.  I will store this under the sink in the bathroom and refill my bottle as I need to.

I slapped a label on my bottle and voila, I am done!  I just made this stuff tonight, so I can't really comment at this point on how well it works or anything.  What I can say is that the lotion feels really emollient and moisturizing, and I adore the sweet scent.  Again, check out the post where I found this recipe (the author is hilarious by the way) and let me know if you make any of this as well.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend everybody!
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  1. Erica~ Thank you so much for mentioning TheSkirtGirl.com in your post and for your sweet comments! I hope that you enjoy the lotion as much as I do. Btw...love your blog! Subscribing!

  2. Hi Dana! Thank you so much for the sweet, sweet words! I have fallen in LOVE with the Super Lotion, and I have updated everyone on Facebook since writing this post. I am going to do a review post within the next couple of days! Thank you for subscribing, I'll do the same in return! Have a great day!!!!


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