January 2015 Empties!

Hey guys!  My first 'Empties' blog of the year!  Keep in mind I have been using these products over the past couple of months and as I use up a product I snap a pic of it and toss it.  I wait till I have numerous products to review, then I do my post.  So without further adieu, let's get to it!

I have used up a few candles, most of which were my Fall ones.  I always enjoy the Sweater Weather candle, as it is very strong and you really notice it.  It's not the typical scent you find at my house, as it is more of a cologne smell and not a yummy food aroma.  This candle is definitely not for everyone, but for when I want something a little different I definitely enjoy this.

Totally a typical Fall scent in my house.  This candle smelled really good and yummy and I would definitely buy it again.

I LOVED this candle!  I burned probably 10 pumpkin scented candles this Fall and while I do love that smell, sometimes it gets a little old.  This still gave me that rich, warm, delicious scent without being the same ole same ole.  Love.

I have never had to purchase the full-size Glam Glow because I have SO many of these trial size ones.  I have received them in various beauty subscription services and so forth, and I have always loved them.  My favorite of the Glam Glow masks is the Thirsty Mud one.

I have used this shampoo as well as the conditioner on and off for at least a decade.  Still to this day I have never smelled a hair product that smells better.  Literally smells like something you would eat.  Love this and will always repurchase.

The first time I ever used Eyeko mascara I think it came in one of my subscription services.  I have purchased it a couple of times since.  The Black Magic one is definitely my favorite, as it is such a super dark vivid black mascara.

Rimmel Glam Eyes mascara is one of my favorite drugstore mascaras.  Kind of hard to find (Target and KMart are the only places I see it).

And one of my other favorites from the drugstore.  When in doubt this is my go-to.

I adore paper masks and this one is slowly becoming one of my favorites.  I probably prefer this one as opposed to the Freeman Rose mask!

A great, soapy everyday body wash.  I keep some variety of a Dial body wash at all times, along with some seasonal ones as well.  I use them interchangeably, kind of just a reach-and-grab, whatever I feel like using.  Solid product that makes me feel super clean without drying my skin.

Where I have long hair I am constantly using deep conditioners and moisturizing treatments.  This one from the drugstore smelled really nice and made my hair feel really soft.  Nothing too noticeable, but I did like this.

Another nice deep conditioner from the drugstore.  Again, nothing extremely great about this, but it makes my hair feel soft and moisturized.

I like to use a ton of these types of products, and where they're cheap I don't feel bad doing it.  I am much more conservative with my costlier products!

This conditioner felt great!  It's definitely a thinner consistency and I think my hair was able to absorb it better.  Left my hair really soft and silky and I would definitely repurchase this (after I use up some of this stuff I've already got).

Another paper mask!  I found a set of 15 or 18 masks by Innisfree on Amazon.  They are all really moisturizing and feel nice on your skin, and they were really affordable.

It doesn't get much more old school than a V05 Hot Oil Treatment, haha!  Yes, I still use these and yes, I still enjoy them.  A great drugstore product that helps keep your hair healthy.  I always have these on hand.

The Body Shop body butters are my favorite, and I really enjoyed this Cocoa Butter one.  The scent was very light but nice, so if you're not much for scents you should try this one.  I probably prefer the really fruity ones (Peach, Satsuma, etc.).  I think I had picked this up in the Atlanta airport on one of our trips, and even though it's one of the smaller ones it has lasted for quite some time.

I use a body oil EVERY single time I shower and while it's almost always the Neutrogena one I sometimes pick up the Aveeno one as well.  The Neutrogena one is my favorite, but this one works good too and I would definitely pick it up if the store was out of the other one.

A great heat protectant for very little $$ and is available at the drugstore.  My Chi 44 Iron Guard that I got in my FFFVIP box puts this one to shame, but I still like this product.  Will obviously repurchase this yet again, as it is cheaper than the Chi product and easier to find.

One of the best body lotions at the drugstore.  This doesn't show any color on me WHATSOEVER, but it just feels so darn good on your skin.  So moisturizing and you feel buttery soft after using it.  Excellent lotion for the Fall and Winter!

These are in every 'Empties' post from me, lol.  That's because I adore these and I use them all the time.  

Yet another paper mask!  Again, love these from Innisfree!  Korean skincare products work great.

When I can't find my favorite Batiste dry shampoo at the drugstore I usually grab a Dove one.  This stuff can feel a little gritty on my scalp but it does soak up the oils in your hair and make it look clean.

Another paper mask, lol.  LOVE the Sephora ones (especially the Pearl one in particular).

I really enjoy the EOS hand lotions, this one in particular is the Berry scent.  Smells great, feels good, I have several of these.  You will usually find these in the checkout section of your drugstore.

I'm not for sure if this scent is even still available at BBW as this lotion is SO old, lol!  I have a horrible habit of using new products all the time and forgetting about the older items in my stash.  I finally drug this puppy out and used it up.  Love BBW lotions, love this scent.

Broken record here.  Yes, another paper mask.

And lastly, I have finished up another tub of my favorite drugstore hair mask, the L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm.  I have had to repurchase this several times, I totally love this and will DEFINITELY be repurchasing yet again.

Thanks for stopping by guys!  Have a great week!
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