Laxative On My Face??? Milk Of Magnesia As A Makeup Primer!

As an oily skinned gal I am always on the hunt for the best oil controlling products.  I first heard about using Milk of Magnesia as a makeup primer a few years ago, but for some reason I never tried it.

I know it sounds weird to put a laxative on your face, but several people that use it claim it works great for keeping oil at bay.  Tired of being a perpetual oil-slick, I decided to grab me a bottle of this and give it a whirl.  This is not for everybody, only those of us who struggle with really oily skin - who after a couple hours of wearing makeup already see the oil breaking through leaving us forced to blot/powder/touch-up the whole rest of the day.  I have only tried this twice now, but I have to say, it has worked rather nicely.  Here's how I do it.

From what I understand, you are ONLY supposed to use the ORIGINAL one - no flavors or special formulas, the basic original Milk of Magnesia.  Instead of having to keep this big gaudy bottle on my vanity, I decided to transfer a little bit into this clear plastic bottle that I have.  (This particular bottle came in a set of travel containers I purchased from Aveda years ago).  Make sure if you do this that you shake the product really well before transferring.  You'll also want to shake it each and every time you use it, as the product does separate as it sits.  I watched a few videos on YouTube to see how others used it, and most of them put a little in their hand and then rubbed it on their face.  I am not a fan of putting product on my hands, so I used an F60 foundation brush by Sigma to apply mine.  I just shook the bottle really good, put maybe a pea size drop of the MOM on my brush, and then simply applied it to my face in light stroking motions.  I used probably 2 drops for my whole face the first time I used it, which probably wasn't enough.  (I always try the minimum amount of something and then work my way up if it's not enough).  I let the product dry for a minute or two and then went ahead with my regular makeup application.
One thing you might notice when using this product is some white streaking on your face right after you apply it and it has dried.  Simply wipe the streaks away with your foundation brush or your fingers.  They will blend away very easily.

-Here I am the first day I used the MOM.  I had applied it along with my makeup around 7am and this photo was taken about 7 hours later in the car after a dental appointment.  I am slightly shiny, but overall not too bad.

The 2nd time I used this I applied closer to about 3 pea-sized drops and it seemed to work a little better.  I definitely notice a difference using this product, as I am no where near as oily.  It doesn't affect your foundation application, everything blends just as easy.  So the final verdict....this is a great product to use if you have oily skin!  Another plus?  It's super cheap and you get a ton of product so, win/win.  If you have any questions feel free to leave them below.  Hopefully this will help some of you out there who struggle with oil as I do!
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