Tooth Extraction & Bone Graft!

Hello everyone!  This week started off with a bang alright.   It was on Monday that one of my crowns came out and took 90% of my tooth with it. I went to my dentist yesterday and after some x-rays and an exam, it was determined my tooth could not be saved.  My dentist referred me to a periodontist/implantologist to remove my broken tooth and to do a bone graft. Everything went okay, I'm just a little sore from all the work. You'll notice in the pic below most of my swelling has went down, but it's still kind of obvious. The whole right side of my face puffed up, even my eye a little. But, it's all finally going away and I think after a good night's sleep I'll be pretty close to normal tomorrow.  More beauty stuff coming later, after I'm on the mend!  Take care and hope your week is going better than mine!!!!!  xoxoxo -

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