Kylie Jenner/90's Lipstick Dupes

Hey guys!  The mauve-brown lip has recently made a HUGE comeback, mainly thanks to Kylie Jenner. I'm pretty sure her main lipstick look is MAC Whirl lip liner and Mac Faux lipstick. I do have the Whirl lip liner, but I don't own the lipstick. Sooooo, I went shopping my stash to see what I had on hand that would work, and I found a few options that I think are great. I'm not for sure how long this look will be around, so it's not something I'm gonna run out and buy a whole lot of makeup for. I'm still a nude/nudey pink lipstick gal myself (at least the majority of the time.)  So anyways, if you're interested in getting this look, go look through your stash and you'd be surprised how many options you might run across. Here are the 5 that I found.  (They photographed a little different than they look in person.)

1.  WetnWild Bare It All - really close dupe. More mauve than brown. 
2.  Maybelline Sin-A-Mon - more brown than mauve. 
3.  NYX Whipped Caviar - more mauve than brown. 
4.  MAC Velvet Teddy - very close dupe!
5.  Maybelline Truffle Tease- more brown than nude, but SO close to Kylie's shade. 

As you can hopefully see from the swatches, all of these lipsticks are mauve/nudes with brown undertones. #3 and #4 are both the closest ones to the Whirl shade. And I really like #3, which is the NYX shade.  It's slightly more mauve than the other colors, and I think it is one of the more flattering shades on me. 

There are a multitude of lipsticks that could give you this look.  I highly recommend the Whirl lip liner, because that (either on it's own or paired with a lipstick) is really going to immediately give you that look you're after. The 90's lip was matte, so finish off your look with a dab of setting powder or a matte bronzer to lock your lipstick in place.   If your lipstick is a little too mauve, then definitely set your lipstick with a bronzer to brown it up a bit.  If the closest thing you have is a nude lipstick, then try lightly dabbing a mauve-ish colored blush on top to make it a little more mauve. 

MAC Whirl lip liner and NYX Whipped Caviar lipstick

I think this is a great look for Fall, and I can see myself wearing these lipsticks all throughout the season. Hopefully this gives you some ideas on some Kylie Jenner inspired lipstick looks you can create!
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