Fall Wardrobe Staples!

Hey guys!  Here are 10 basic clothing items I use to put my entire fall and winter wardrobes together.  Prices range from really cheap and affordable to $$$$$.  You can find great items at any price, I think it's about picking and choosing which items are worth investing in.  You can mix and match all of these pieces, giving you an endless possibility of outfits.  Hope you all enjoy and hope this gives you some fashion ideas for the upcoming seasons.
1.  Skinny jeans and/or jeggings:

I have a ton of skinny jeans and jeggings.  Numerous brands, solids, patterns, every color in the rainbow, plain, destroyed, dark, light, you name it.  My favorite denim period is American Eagle, and that is by far what I have most of.  On a daily basis, I like plain, regular skinny jeans in whatever wash is clean, lol.

Plain light wash...

Plain medium wash...

Destroyed dark wash...etc....

The only other brand of skinny jeans I really like is the Rockstar by Old Navy.  Again, just basic, plain ones that go with anything.

Other than your basic light/medium/dark washes, I also really enjoy a grayish black.  I just got these a couple of weeks ago from Old Navy (they too are Rockstars) and they have this cute knee detail on them.

2.  Leggings:

Can a girl ever have enough leggings?  Basic black, charcoal, heather gray, patterned, it adds up people. . Favorite brands:  Hue, Victoria's Secret, Eileen Fisher, Danskin, Forever 21, Target, and Wal-Mart.

Obviously basic black leggings are my favorite, but I also really enjoy mixing in ones with different patterns.  This pair is from either Wal-Mart or Target, and they have this really cute detailing up the entire side of the leg.

Love these super stretchy ribbed gray ones from VS.

Any sort of detailing to jazz things up a little is nice.  This really cute pair is from Wal-Mart.

These really soft gray ones from VS were called something like 'the riding pant' or 'the riding legging', because the detailing up and down the leg and the studs.

This year I have been trying to invest in nicer brands.  These are my newest pair I found at Nordstrom.

3.  Cardigans:

I'm embarrassed to say it, but I have a whole closet of nothing but sweaters and cardigans.  I know, whatevs.  Anyhoo, a girl can never have enough.  Black, gray, brown, camel, tan, cream, white, red, yellow, patterned, the possibilities are endless!  Throw one over a basic tee with a pair of leggings with some riding boots, wrap a scarf around your neck and you are set!  I have several that have been a little costlier than others (pictured:  Lacoste $165, Zara $59.50, Victoria Secret Cashmere blend $88)...

...and I have several that I love from places like Target, Forever 21, and Wal-Mart.  (Pictured:  Target)

I LOVE this one from Forever 21!  I think it was like 20 bucks.

4.  Ponchos:

This black poncho is probably my favorite poncho I own, because it's not super huge and flowy.  I bought it locally at a little store in my hometown, but I'm sure something similar is available online.

(From a blog post last winter wearing the poncho and AE skinny jeans)

This beautiful, soft, minky gray poncho is from Anthropologie and I just love it.

(American Eagle)

5.  Plaid shirts:

I've mentioned my love for plaid shirts and flannel shirts on my blog before, as well as on every other social media site I am on.  Obsessed.  Love.

6.  Denim/chambray shirts:

Again, put one on with a pair of black leggings, some knee boots and a scarf and you've got one cute outfit.  Favorite brand?  J Crew.

7.  Riding boots:

I guess I should have just said boots period.  By the way, I got these boot stands at Wal-Mart and in just this one section of my guest room are these 6 racks, which conveniently holds 18 pairs of boots.  (I have additional racks on the opposite wall.)  Rain boots, snow boots, dressy boots, high-heeled boots, riding boots, uggs, I tend to love them all.  Over the past few years I have purged most 'pleather' boots that I own.  I just really think it's best to invest in nice genuine leather boots that will last you year to year.  I have 3 pairs of pleather boots in my collection still though, they're all from Target and I actually really love them.  Here are my favorite 2 pairs of cheaper riding boots:

And then my total investment piece, the Golden Goose Charlye Boot.  Total splurge (purchased from Barney's New York), and totally worth it.

8.  Accessories:

Scarves are obviously my favorite accessory for fall and for winter.  I have them from places I've visited all over the world (Spain, France, Italy, etc), I have silk, cotton, wool, square, rectangle, infinity, fringed, plain, designer (Henri Bendel, Burberry, Theodora and Callum, etc), cheap (Wal-Mart, Target, Forever 21, etc), basically anything you could ever want.  

The other accessory that I love for the cooler months of the year are hats.  My favorite is probably my Eugenia Kim one with cat ears, and my Neff Cupcake Beanie.  Although I really love my owl one from Wal-Mart and the mint floppy one from Forever 21.  Great for bad hair days and great to just keep your head warm!

Thanks for stopping by guys!  Muuaahhh!
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