Using Your Skincare Samples!

So if you're like me and have one or more beauty subscriptions then you probably have samples galore, something similar to this...

....and this...

Or perhaps you just collect the ones from all your Sephora purchases...

I have recently been trying to use up some of these products, because I hate for them to just keep piling up and not getting used.  I pay for these subscription boxes but rarely do I actually use the stuff I get, and I hate that.  So recently what I have been doing is taking one moisturizer and one eye cream and using them till they're completely gone, and then moving on to another.  A problem that I was running in to was the messy little packets most of these products come in.  If you open up a packet and don't use all the product, it can leak out or dry up or whatever.  I haaaaaate that.  So, before what I was doing was opening a packet and just trying to use up the whole thing just to get rid of it.  I would usually have enough moisturizer to put on my face, neck, decolletage, chest, shoulders, arms, hands, etc. etc. etc.  Haha.  I decided there had to be a more economical way of using this stuff, so I got one of my empty travel containers (from an Aveda travel set I purchased yearssssss ago) and I designated it for my facial moisturizer samples.

I simply open one of my packets and squirt it in this container, and then dispose of the messy packaging.  I only put one packet at a time in here, and usually it will last me a week or longer.  

I currently have a Shiseido moisturizer in mine right now (which feels lovely on your skin btw!!!)

As for my eye creams, I am using an old Tarte eye cream container that I emptied a while back.  I washed it with some soap and water and wiped it clean with some rubbing alcohol, then emptied a packet in it as well.

I'm currently using up a Benefit eye cream sample right now.  It also feels quite nice!

I think as long as I keep a couple of these products in rotation at all times, I should be able to use up some of this stuff I've accumulated.  It's all high-end really nice stuff, and I hate to just give it away and waste it.  Let me know how you guys use up/store all of your samples!  Thanks for stopping by and have a great week everybody!
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