Winter Haul: Makeup Geek, Victoria's Secret, Gap, Old Navy, Amazon, Target

Hi guys!  Hope you're having a great start to the week. It is EXTREMELY cold here, we're talking single digits people. Someone on Facebook said it was 30 degrees colder here than in Anchorage, Alaska!  I don't know if that's really the case, I mean, is that even possible!  But, I'm one of those crazy people who loves winter, so I'm not complaining. I wanted to share with you a few things I've recently picked up (on the cheap) that I really love. 

This is my first Makeup Geek brush purchase.  I have bought several things from the site over the past year, my Eve Pearl salmon concealer, some pigments, etc. I have heard really good things about the brushes, so I am excited to try this and use it. It is the 'outer V brush' and it was $6 or $7.  It's made really nice and the bristles are really dense and thick. 

I found this Fair Isle Tunic from Gap on sale. I can't remember how much it was, but I got it for less than half off. It's not too thick and really soft, and I love the colors in it. Pantone's color of the year for 2014 is Radiant Orchid, and this falls perfectly into that category. I can see me wearing this a lot the rest of winter and early spring. 

One thing that I really love and am EXTREMELY picky about are hoodies. This one is PERFECT and is the 'lived-in' hoodie from Gap.  It's distressed and a gorgeous faded red color. I despise sweatshirts with a fleece lining.  I literally can't stand the way they feel, thick and bunchy and hot.  I like the inside of a sweatshirt to feel similar to the outside of the sweatshirt.  Does that make sense?  I took a photo of the inside of this of this one to show you what I mean. 

The inside feels more t-shirty rather than sweatery. This is a must in a sweatshirt for me. Love this one. Could be my favorite one ever. And it should be with a price tag of $50. 

Two new pairs of VS yoga pants. I have several pairs of these, they are the perfect pant for lounging around the house. They were both on sale. The purple pair on the left were originally one of the 2/$55 kind. The blingy/sequined pair on the right were originally $50.  I got each for $19.  

The white writing is a sparkly irredescent shimmer. Love!

Sooo pretty, and such a deal on the Semi-Annual Sale.

Got me another pair of the Cotton Mayfair Pyjama.  If you couldn't tell, I am obsessed with VS pj's. They are the best, the prettiest, the comfiest, and they last for years. I get mine in a tall and they are great.  Love the sparkly silver stripe in these.  Even though they are thin, long sleeved pj's like this are perfect on a cold night like tonight!

These are just a basic cotton pair of pyjama pants from Old Navy that were on sale as well. I think they were about $12. Again I got them in tall and they are SO long. They are also really thin and comfy, so if you're somebody that gets hot when you sleep, these would be great for you.  Old Navy has grrreat pj pants. 

I got two Nyx 'Barefoot in the Sand' trios. Why two, you ask?  Well, I got one for my travel makeup bag and one to keep in the house. Great palette for a neutral/everyday eye.  Got these thru Amazon, and they were like 5 bucks each with free shipping. 

I got a new Travalo from Walmart for $9.99.  So handy!  If you aren't familiar with them, a Travalo is a fragrance dispenser, and you add whatever fragrance you want (as long as it has a pump on top of the bottle).  Great to throw in your bag!

I found this cell phone holder with a strap from Target for $3.  I have crossbodys for traveling, but sometimes you don't want something even that big. This is big enough to hold your cellphone, debit card, and some cash. Sometimes that's all you need!

Alright guys, hope you enjoyed!  Stay warm on this cold Juanuary night!  Hahaha! It's almost BACHELOR time!  
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