Brad Paisley Concert: Beat This Winter Tour 2014

Howdy guys and gals!  Hope your weekend is going well. Mine is off to a GREAT start, we went and seen Brad Paisley and Chris Young in concert last night. Being from Kentucky, country music is our thing...it runs through our veins. It was such a great concert so I thought I would share some of it with you, as well as what I wore/MOTD, etc. If you are planning a winter country music concert maybe this will help you in picking out something to wear. 

I began with picking out which boots I wanted to wear, then threw on an outfit around that.  I narrowed it down to these two pairs of cowgirl boots - my tall Old Wests or short Ariat Fatbabys. 

Decisions, decisions.  #countrygirlproblems
She's got Brazilian leather boots on the pedal of her German car...


Even though they are slightly uncomfortable, I went with the Old West boots.  I always enjoy a tall boot, and these are basic cowgirl.  No frills, nothing fancy.  Just a good, tall, leather boot. I don't remember where I found these or how much they were.  I know I found them online.  They are like 14" tall or something like that. I think they were between $100-$200.  I really like them, my only complaint is that they are pretty narrow in the foot and it makes my feet cramp after a while. Other than that, I love these boots. 

Something unique and different about these, they have a really deep 'V' cut at the top of them. Good for gals with fuller calves!

As you can see, they are quite the bit taller than the Ariats.  They are also much lighter, with a distressed leather look. 

The Ariat Fatbaby boot is the perfect little boot to wear with a summer dress. I adore these!!!  Anyways, back to the concert stuff!

Sorry so blurry!  What I wore:  American Eagle Skinny Jeans, Shirt and Vest both Old Navy, Walmart Scarf.  (This was after the concert, my right foot was hurting so I had lost the boot in the car on the way home! Ha!!!)

It was a straight hair kinda night. MOTD:  NYX Shine Killer primer, Neutrogena foundation, Rimmel concealer, Ben Nye Banana Powder, Tarte Park Ave Princess bronzer, Hard Candy Living Doll blush, Hard Candy Glow All The Way highlight in Doll Face, Maybelline brows, Nars eyeshadow primer, Nars Sophia eyeshadow (lid), UD Strange eyeshadow (from Naked 3 palette for browbone highlight), Nars Kilimanjaro eyeshadow (inner corner highlight), Loreal Lacquer Liner in black, UD 24/7 in Zero liner, Loreal Butterfly Mascara.  I forgot my lipstick, didn't wear any!  Oops!  We were running late and in a hurry, oh well. 

What he wore:  the closest thing this boy gets to cowboy attire - a plaid Ralph Lauren shirt and Rockports. What more can you expect from a Yankee.  Smh.  
You can take the boy out of the city...

At the concert!  Woot!

Chris Young!  He was so great!
I'm the girl who continually forgets my camera. Sorry about the low quality photos, but my little iPhone 4S does the best it can!  And now, some Brad Paisley shots.

My goodness, he was so good!  I always have to walk away with a little memorabilia. I grabbed a t-shirt and an autographed cd!

Alright guys, that pretty much does it. If you get the chance you should go see these guys!  Such good performers, so talented.  Hope this gave you some ideas on concert attire as well!  Have a great weekend and stop by again soon!!!
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