Photos With Celebs!

Hey guys!  So while I was scrolling through Facebook tonight to see what everyone was up to, I came across this post from Leah Calvert (from Teen Mom 2 on MTV):

She posted our photo we took together when I met her in Charleston!  So that got me thinking about some of the celebrities I've met and I thought I would share a few photos with you. I can't remember right off who all I have actually met, but I'll include what I do remember. This doesn't include people I've seen in concert or seen from a distance in Vegas or whatever. 

I'll start with my photo with Leah. We both went to the Ringling Bros Circus and I was able to snag a photo with her and her baby. Leah's mom actually took the photo!  

First celebrity I ever met was Ned Beatty. He was actually born and raised in Kentucky, and was filming in my hometown.  That's me standing beside him, my brother is the one in glasses that Mr. Beatty is talking to. 

Me and Mr. Las Vegas in Las Vegas together! Wayne Newton was such a gentleman and was so kind.  Plus I got some sugar right on the lips, ha!  

Me and Holly Madison in Vegas at the Planet Hollywood Casino. So sweet, so down to earth. Love her. 

Meeting Kris Jenner at Kardashian Khaos in Vegas was surreal. Seeing someone in person that you see all the time on tv, nothing like it. She was so warm and friendly. 

Up close and personal with Bret Michaels. He is so handsome in person, so friendly (obviously).

Travis Tritt!  Again, so odd to meet someone you grew up watching their videos on tv. Again, super down to earth. I'm such a fan :)))
This was prior to some weight loss. Geesh...I almost cropped myself out.

I went to one of David Copperfield's shows at the MGM Grand in Vegas, and actually went on stage and was part of the grand finale act with about 4 or 5 other people from the audience. After the act he came backstage and gave us each a hug and autographed picture. I LOVED IT. 

I absolutely love Confederate Railroad!  These guys were as country and approachable as your next door neighbor. I was SO excited to meet them.  
Yeah I like my women just a little on the trashy side...too much lipstick and too much rouge, gets me excited leaves me feeling confused <3

Exile. This actually wasn't my first time meeting them, my father introduced us when I was very little, possibly even a baby?  Anyways, LOVE their music, loved meeting them.  I mean, who isn't a fan of 'Kiss You All Over'??
...I could get used to you, oh darlin, you're so fine...
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