Small Beauty Haul

Hey everybody!  I thought I'd share a few makeup and beauty items that I got fairly recently and have been enjoying.  I'll first start with the non-makeup item. 

I was almost out of my eye cream and serum, so I went ahead and got a new regimen from Michael Todd. It includes a face wash, mask, toner, serum, moisturizer, and an eye cream.  For free they sent 8 samples, and I think with an offer code I got the makeup wipes  and large full-size bottle of body wash. I get the valued customer discount, so with shipping and all I think this was $70-$80. Not too bad for alllllll this. 

The limited edition candy bar palette from Too Faced. It's the one that has a phone case attached to it that looks like a chocolate candy bar. 

You get 11 very nice eyeshadows and a blush and bronzer. Nice mix of colors, lots of matte eyeshadow shades, lights for highlight, medium tones for blending, darker ones for crease, etc.  Plus,  it's very slim and compact. Would be very easy to travel with. And the phone case.....how cute is that!!!  Overall, I am very happy with this!  

I got the CS Revealed Palette, which as you know has all kinds of Naked dupes in it.  It also came with a sample quad of other CS shades, and a really cute sticker. 

I stuck the sticker on one of my planners. I thought it looked adorable!

The sample quad they sent me was in Model Behavior. I love the colors, and they feel really nice too. Can't wait to play with them a little and see what they are like. 

This is what the Revealed Palette looks like when you first get it. Lots of dupes from the Naked 1 and 2 palettes. 

You can see how similar a lot of these shades are. 

Well, you know me and my addiction to labeling dupes. A few of these don't have a dupe, and a couple are multiple dupes. I labeled what they are and also numbered them 1 or 2 to specify which Naked Palette the dupe is from. With so many dupes and a $19 price tag, I totally LOVE this. 

And lastly, I got this quad from Lorèal in Cupa Joe.  This was okay, nothing too impressive. What I liked was that it was a neutral matte palette. Well, the palest shade to highlight with doesn't really show up. At all. You have to pile it on to see it. And the lid color, number 1, it's a warm brown and is not the prettiest shade if you ask me. I wasn't impressed very much at all. Anyways, it can give you a pretty neutral eye, but skip it if you've got similar colors. I have cheaper palettes that have better colors and quality. 

Alright guys, that's all I'm going to talk about or now. I have bought more makeup recently, but all that will be in a post by itself. I've also got more haul stuff to do, more fashion related. Anyways, hope you enjoyed!  Please stop by again soon!  Xoxoxo-
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