Nars 'Joie de Vivre' Oversized Cheek Palette (Nordstrom Exclusive)

Hey guys!  Happy Tuesday to you all. So we've all seen the luxe oversized LE blush palettes from Nars. They are usually around $65 and contain 6 or so blushes, bronzers, and highlighters. Every now and then Sephora comes out with one, usually around the holidays. This year they had the 'Guy Bourdin' one:

Obviously if it is Nars brand, it's probably going to be a great product. Nars is by far my favorite high end brand, their stuff is superb. ESPECIALLY their blushes.  I thought I would share with you my FAVORITE blush palette from Nars, the Joie de Vivre.  It was a Nordstrom exclusive in 2012.  

To me, this is BY FAR the best mix of colors Nars has had in a palette. It has the infamous Albatross highlighter, Laguna bronzer, and Orgasm blush.  It also has a neutral blush (Luster), a perfect, matte, blue pink (Gaiety), and a sparkly pink (Angelika).  Even though I have the individuals of the Laguna, Orgasm, and Gaiety, I HAD to have this palette. The colors in it are just perfection.  My favorite makeup artist/YouTube guru is Raychel Wade. She is based out of NY, and has worked with lots of famous people. You might recognize her from the TLC show 'Randy To The Rescue.'

Anyways, Raychel was where I first heard about the Gaiety blush. I had seen in several of her videos that this was her favorite Nars blush, and none of the purchases I have made because of her recommendations have ever disappointed me.  I absolutely LOVE this blush, a holy grail product for sure. I actually emailed Raychel asking her opinion in what blush colors would be suitable for a fall or winter wedding. I assumed she'd pick something darker like Sin.  She actually responded to me (how cool is that), and surprise, she still chose Gaiety. 

That email is very dear to me. She is so talented and has been such an inspiration to me, I will always be a fan of hers <3

Alright guys, if you are interested in the Joie de Vivre palette I think you can still nab one on ebay. But, it's gonna cost ya!  Last time I checked they were going for around $125-150.  The Guy Bourdin ones are also on there, and I think they're around $90.  Anyways, let me know your favorite Nars blush palettes and as always, thank you for taking the time out of your day to visit my site. Please stop by again soon and have a great week, everybody! xoxoxo-
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