Kate Spade Favorites (Including Bridal Ideas)

Hey everybody!  Today I thought I would share with you some of my favorite Kate Spade purchases. Some of these items are wedding/bridal appropriate, so if you're on the lookout for something for your special day, maybe this can give you some ideas!

The Gramercy Crystal Watch. This is by far my most worn Kate Spade item. I got this probably two years ago on the KS website, it costs $250.  It is a beautiful timepiece with a mother of pearl face, an iconic gold spade at the 12th hour, and crystal accents on each of the other hours. I wear white gold most everyday, but whenever I want to mix it up with some gold pieces I always wear this watch. 

Kate Spade packaging is always so adorable. This shoe bag reads:
 She tucked her coral lipstick away and floated back to the party
 How adorable is that?

The Emison Heel in cobalt. This shoe is also still available on the website, and it is $328.  Kind of expensive, but such a nice heel. Perfect for a wedding day, with a 3" heel that is so comfortable, you could e on your feet all day and be pain free. 

The La Pavillion iPhone case, $40.  I used this puppy to death!  Each corner is chipped and broken, I am the girl who is constantly bouncing my phone off the floor. As much abuse as this case has received, my phone is still working just fine.  One of the cutest cases I've ever purchased. And I love the message inside...HAVE COURAGE.  <3

A couple pairs of earrings that are no longer available on the website. I've had both of these a while and don't remember how much I paid for them. Both really pretty, I wore the ship ones on my Mediterranean cruise and loved them!

These are the kinds of boxes your jewelry pieces come in.  How cute and ritzy!

The Say Yes "MRS" Studs and Necklace. The necklace was $78 and I got it while in Vegas a few trips ago, and the studs were $48 from the website.  Both are still available and both are so cute. I love simple delicate jewelry, especially necklaces, so this is perfect for me. 

Love the little gold Kate Spade tag and gold spade on the clasp. Such cute detailing. 

Alright guys, that does it for my Kate Spade favorites. If you don't own anything in this brand, I highly recommend trying it. Such pretty, girly stuff. Take care and have a great day!  xoxoxo -
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  1. Thanks so much for sharing! I'm making my Kate Spade watch purchase tonight so this was a help for sure! Stay Sheek, Kayla ( http://www.sheekndivine.blogspot.com)