MOTD: Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid In Rebel Red

Hey guys!  Quick MOTD (makeup of the day) for ya'll! I recently picked up the Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lip Color in the color Rebel Red and I really do like it.  As someone who literally cannot stand those super drying liquid lipsticks that dry down to what feels like a film of plastic on your lips, I find this one is much more comfortable to wear.  Application is kind of key with this product, and if you don't apply too much this lipstick will dry down to where it's pretty matte, but it always has a slight give to it if you rub your lips together.  That is SO much more comfortable to me. It may not be as long wearing as the other types of liquid lipsticks out there, but being comfortable is what is most important to me.

Cardigan: Maurices
Tank: (which you can't see) Forever 21
Scarf:  one I picked up while in Italy

The star of the show!  One thing I will mention - I do notice a slight numbing affect on my lips soon after I apply this, but after a few minutes that does go away.  Nothing major, just a slight numbing sensation.  The best way I have found to apply this to get it to be more matte is to apply a thin layer, blot, then apply a super light 2nd layer.  Both coats need to be super light.  I think the product stays put longer that way and it's not as glossy or wet looking if you do it that way.  Gorgeous color, super affordable, this is hands down one of my favorite liquid lipstick formulas.  Just so comfortable and easy to wear!

On the rest of the face:
CoverGirl Ready, Set Gorgeous Foundation
Nars Laguna Bronzer
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette
Hard Candy Bombshell Blush (very similar to MAC Sunbasque)
Lorac Pro Palette
Maybelline The Rocket Mascara
Make Up For Ever Setting Spray

Thanks for stopping by guys!  Let me know if you have tried these and if you like them like I do.  Also, what other colors do you recommend?  As an orange-obsessed makeup lover, I definitely want to pick up Orange Shot!

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