Collective Target & Walmart Haul January 2016!

Hey guys!  Today I thought I would share with you some things that I have picked up over the past couple of months from Target and Walmart.  I love me some high end products too (of course), but there's nothing like snagging really good products that are more affordable!

Nexxus Promend Split End Binding Leave In Creme, $17.97

While I am sitting around watching tv and stuff I have a horrible habit of feeling/touching my hair and looking for split ends.  I cannot stand having split ends in my hair!  It seems like I have found more than usual here lately so I picked up this split end creme at Walmart.  It's on the pricier side of drugstore prices, but I have to say, I really like this.  I use two pumps after I get out of the shower and I really concentrate it on the length of my hair.  I really do think I can tell a difference and I've only been using this about 2 weeks.  I don't feel any residue or anything like that, it doesn't make my hair sticky or heavy.  I am really, really liking this product.

I have actually been really lazy with anything beauty related lately.  I haven't really done any hair masks or facial masks or anything luxurious like that.  I dunno, are you like me in that you go through spells where you're on your game and really taking care of yourself and then you slowly fall into a rut where you are literally doing zilch?  Well, that has definitely been me lately and I think that might be why I have noticed more split ends in my hair.  I had bought this particular hair mask in the past and while I didn't remember it knocking my socks off or anything, I remember thinking it was nice for the price tag.  I have committed myself to using a hair mask at least once a week for the next couple of months to see if I can get my hair in better shape, and this is one I can just slather on really thick and not worry about wasting.  It's less than 5 bucks and you get a pretty good amount.  This smells very citrus-y and is really thick and moisturizing.  Not the ABSOLUTE best hair mask in the world, but definitely a great product for the price.

L'Oreal Colour Riche Monos Eye Shadow, $5

I did in fact buy these at Walmart, but they are not on the Walmart site yet for me to link, so the link I provided was from Ulta.  These shadows are SO buttery and soft.  They definitely feel like a cream/powder hybrid.  I have used a couple of these now and I absolutely love them.  One of the best drugstore items released in quite some time I think.  Highly recommend picking up a few of these to add to your collection!  (I picked up Pain Au Chocolat, Green Promenade, Cafe Au Lait, and Meet Me in Paris).

I am a huge makeup setting spray lover and I really, really like this one.  I have numerous high end sprays and I find myself reaching for this one almost all of the time.  It seems to help me not get as oily as usual and it does seem to help my makeup last longer.  This is actually my 2nd bottle!

CoverGirl LashBlast Super Sizer Mascara, $5.99
I have only used this a couple of times and it is still really new to me so the verdict is still out.  Mascara is just such a personal preference and is so individualized.  We will see!

L'Oreal Telescopic Carbon Black Mascara, $9.99
This is another mascara I've been wanting to try.  I haven't used it yet, but I did open it up and look at the wand.  The wand is the tiniest thing I have ever seen!  I usually like a typical wand, but we will see.
CoverGirl Ready, Set Gorgeous Foundation, $6.99
I loveeeeee this foundation!  I had bought it earlier in 2015 and was a darker shade, so I went ahead and bought me another bottle in a lighter shade.  Great, solid foundation for oily skin.

Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips Custom All-in-1 Nude Palette for Face & Eyes, $13.99
My favorite highlight shade EVER is a light whitish-pink.  I like that type of color SO much more than anything gold-ish or champagne, and it can be kind of hard to find.  Everybody and their brother makes a pretty champagne highlight, but a pretty pink highlight?  You have to do some digging.  This product by Physician's Formula is absolutely stunning.  I like all the colors in the palette but for highlighting alone I like using the top two rows (the lightest shades in the palette).  Those colors give you a glow that is almost angelic.  One of my favorite highlights of life.

This palette comes in two shades - Natural and Warm.  Mine is in Natural.

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Leather Cream Gel Shadow, $5.99
I really love Maybelline's Color Tattoo eyeshadows, so I decided to pick up a couple of the Leather ones.  The colors I chose were Chocolate Suede and Dramatic Black.  I use these on days when I don't really feel like spending a ton of time on an eye look.  I basically just brush these on my lid and lower lash line then blend everything out and I am done.  
Swisspers Premium Exfoliating Cotton Rounds, $4.52
I accidentally bought the 'Exfoliating' rounds this time, and I actually prefer the plain ones.  These have a pretty substantial micro-bead surface on one side that I really don't use.  I would rather just plain cotton rounds.  Oh well.  These do still work, but next time I will pay more attention.

I never ever use heat on my hair that I don't use a heat protectant, and I really do like this one.  It's hard to tell if a heat protectant is really working right away, cause basically you just spray it on and hope it's keeping your hair from getting damaged.  I like this one because it feels nice when I spray it on my hair and I really like the slightly strong perfume scent this product has.  Might not be for everyone (especially if you don't care for heavily scented products), but I happen to enjoy it.

Another Schwarzkopf product!  This hair spray is super light and not wet AT ALL.  Again, highly fragranced, but it really does feel nice.  I have wild kind of all-over-the-place hair, so I just use a mist of hair spray as a finishing touch to whatever I'm doing to my hair that day.  I don't have a tease and spray type of hairstyle where my hair doesn't move all day.  This product is light and easy and great for what I want it to do.  Where it's light and a dry formula it doesn't weigh your hair down, so that's the volume part of this product.  It isn't volumizing (in my opinion), it just doesn't weigh your hair down.

Great, affordable hair care at the drugstore.  Definitely one of my favorites that I have bought time and time again.

L'Oreal Total Repair Extreme Shampoo, $5.99

L'Oreal Paris Excellence Creme Triple Protection Color, $6.59
This is the color I put on my roots to cover my gray (err...white).  This is the closest thing I have ever found to my natural hair color and I absolutely love it.  I don't put it all over my hair, I only do my roots, and everything matches pretty well.  Good enough for me anyways! (I'm not too fussy with hair).

Pond's Luminous Clean Wet Cleansing Towelettes, $4.69
We all have our favorite products to take our makeup off with, and these wipes happen to be my favorite for removing face makeup.  When I take my makeup off I always use Bioderma on a cotton round to remove my eye makeup, then I use one of these Pond's wipes to wipe everything off my face.  The Luminous Clean (pink packaging) were the first ones I had bought and tried and I have been pretty faithful to them since.  I think they are discontinuing these as they are getting harder and harder to find.  I have since bought and used the Original Fresh ones from Pond's (blue packaging) and there is very little (if any) difference in those and these Luminous Clean ones.  Thank God.  So if I can't find the Luminous Clean ones I will just get the other ones from the line.  You get 30 in a pack for less than 5 bucks and they are just so nice.  The towelette is really thick and cloth like and it doesn't irritate my eyes.  (I have the world's most sensitive eyes in history).  Love and will always buy these as long as they make them!
Scünci Hair Clips, 6pcs
I couldn't find this exact item on Walmart's site to link it, but I think it was around $5.  These are my favorite clips to use for when I'm just hanging out at home.  I have a lot of hair and these actually hold it up really well for how I use them.  And, they're not so big that you really see them in my hair. (I twist my hair up kind of funny).  Anyways, I'm always dropping these or breaking these, and they have a funny way of flat out disappearing.  So a couple of times a year I grab a pack and use them till they're either gone or broke and then I buy more :)

Zote Pink Laundry Soap, $0.97
I bought a couple of bars of this super affordable soap to use to clean my makeup brushes (a total YouTube made me buy it product).  I have used this a couple of times to clean my brushes and I am kind of torn as to how I feel about it.  It did a good job cleaning my brushes, I will say that.  But, I noticed CONSIDERABLE shedding with my Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki brush.  Not really with any of my other brushes, but definitely with that one.  Has this happened to anyone else?  A considerable, definite difference.  I am super hesitant to use this anymore with my brushes and I am not quite sure how I would use this with my laundry.  It's good with some brushes, but I honestly couldn't recommend this to anyone after seeing how much my F80 shed after using this soap (on two separate occasions).

Signature Soy Pumpkin Cheesecake Candle, $10
Everybody and their brother was talking about this candle this year it seems, so of course I had to grab me one.  Even though this candle had pretty high reviews and so many people were talking about how fragrant it was, mine was almost completely unnoticeable.  I don't mean the aroma was really light and barely detectable, I mean I would burn this sucker for hours at a time and never even get the slightest whiff of anything.  I very well might have just got one from a bad batch, because it had zero fragrance whatsoever.  How disappointing!

Glade Winter Collection Plug-Ins in Vanilla Biscotti
I am pretty sure these were limited edition plug-ins for Winter 2015.  Don't worry, you didn't miss too much.  These were so light they were virtually undetectable.  When I buy something and spend money on it I want to be able to smell it and notice it.  Wouldn't repurchase if they came out with this again.

Glade Winter Collection Automatic Air Freshener Spray Refill in Gingerbread Spice
I did really like this scent for Winter 2015!  Again, I think this was limited edition, and it was really nice.  I had this in my living room and it did smell really good!

Glade Winter Collection Wax Melts in Gingerbread Spice
I went through these wax melts in no time at all.  Really great smelling and will repurchase next year if they have them!

Better Homes and Gardens Wax Cubes (various)

My favorite wax melts are definitely the Better Homes and Gardens ones you can get at Walmart.  They are super cheap and affordable ($2 a pack), and they smell the strongest (in my opinion).  Definite favorite of all of 2015 is the Banana Bread Pudding, but I cannot find it anymore.  I probably used 10 packs of that this fall and winter.  Yum!

International Delight White Chocolate Raspberry Coffee Creamer, $2.98

People, if you can still find this then go grab you a bottle!  The most delicious coffee creamer I have ever had!  YUMMMM.

Seasonal Gift Wrap (Santa Hat print)

I had to grab this adorable gift wrap for next year for Christmas.  So cute!  It's a really big roll of paper (180 square feet) and I think it was only 5 bucks.  Love!

Let me know what you guys have been loving!  Thanks for stopping by today!

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