January 2016 Empties: Stuff I've Used & Product Reviews!

Hey guys!  It seems like I just done an Empties post, but I have used up SO many things here lately that I better go ahead and get through these before it piles up so much I won't want to do it.  You can really give a better review of a product if you've used it till it's completely gone, and that's why I love these types of blog posts or videos.  Going through one's trash can be quite educational!  Let's get to it.

My favorite candle of life, BBW's Marshmallow Fireside has to be the best scent on the planet.  I will always burn these and use these!  It just doesn't get any better.  A yummy woodsy/marshmallowy aroma that isn't too heavy or sweet.  Perfect.

The Radiant Red Maple candle from BBW (Bath and Body Works, in case you didn't know) smelled really nice, but my only complaint is that it just didn't smell strong enough for me.  When I buy  candle I want to notice it very easily.  When it's lit I want to be able to sit and enjoy it, otherwise it's a waste of money.  This was okay, but probably wouldn't purchase again.

(this one burned really clean!!)

The Salty Caramel candle also smelled really yummy, and I did enjoy it while I had it.  My only complaint with this candle was how it burned so unevenly.  I would light all 3 wicks and a few minutes later I would walk by and 1 or 2 of the wicks would be out.  Ugh.  I was constantly having to relight them and they were constantly going back out.  Might have been this one candle in particular, but it drove me crazy!

I absolutely love burning BBW's Merry Cookie candle during the holidays.  It's hard to beat a good ole sugar cookie scented candle <3

(this one burned really dirty and smoky)

I don't know what it is about a Yankee Candle, but they burn FOREVERRRRR!  I burned this for hours and hours at a time and it lasted for SO long.  I even fell asleep several times and it burned all night long, lol.  Smelled nice, but could have been a little stronger.

I would describe this candle as a musky vanilla.  I do like the scent, but it's not my favorite.  I'm not sure if I would repurchase, but it was fairly decent in scent strength (which is really important to me).

Batiste dry shampoos are my favorite, they seem to work the best and make my hair feel less gunky than other dry shampoos.  I can't hardly stand to have product in my hair that is noticeable or that I can feel.  This dry shampoo comes in several scents and while I do like this one, the Blush one is probably my favorite.

If you haven't ever tried it, then I highly recommend trying Klorane dry shampoo.  It is another one that is extremely comfortable to use that also just works really well in your hair.  This particular bottle came in a Birchbox I think, but I have always enjoyed this particular product. 

One of the best hairsprays at the drugstore!  I don't have the type of hairdo that I tease and spray and it doesn't move all day, I have wild/messy long hair that I simply give a light spray at the end of styling to help it hold a little.  This hairspray is perfect for that, it really does help hold curls but doesn't make your hair dry or crunchy.  Plus, it's super affordable.

Ponds makeup remover wipes are my FAVORITE makeup removing wipes of life.  These Luminous Clean ones in the pink packaging can be hard to find now, so if they don't have these I just get the Original ones in the blue packaging.  They are super similar.  I have really sensitive eyes and these don't bother mine at all.  When I remove my makeup I first use a cotton round with some Bioderma to remove my eye makeup.  Then I go in with one of these and give everything a good wipe.  Works perfectly and I have no interest in trying any other brand.  As long as they make these I will be using only these (except for when I travel, I use the individually wrapped La Fresh wipes then).

This eye makeup remover from Sephora is basically like any other eye makeup remover that kind of separates and you give it a good shake before you use it.  I had really high expectations but it worked very similarly to the other makeup removers that are like this that I have used.  I 100% prefer my Bioderma to this.  It all basically comes down to personal preference, and I really don't think it gets any better than that.

Back when I had an Ipsy subscription they sent me a lot of products from this Nourish Organic line.  I despised the hand lotion from this brand, but I have to say, this face wash made my face feel really soft and I did enjoy it.  I am not a huge fan of this line, but this was definitely my favorite thing I used from them.  Very mild and gentle, this left my skin feeling clean without stripping it bare, which is nice.

I have several sample tubes of this that I have collected over time and I flat out love this stuff.  My skin responds well to scrubby type skincare products and this is one of the best physical exfoliants I've ever used.  Your face will feel like a baby's bum after you use this.  Perfect!

For at least a decade or so now I have been such a fan of Aveda products.  Back when I had my hair highlighted I went to an Aveda salon, and even their bleach didn't damage my hair.  Their Damage Remedy line is probably my favorite, especially this Intensive Reconstruction Treatment.  This is the Cadillac of repairing treatments for your hair.  It's costly, but oh is it worth it if you've got damaged hair.

I love Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers and I have oodles of them that I am trying to go through.  I love foodie type scents and this one in I Love Cookie Dough was yummy.

Various mascaras.  I don't know how I accumulate so many!  Pictured are:  Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme, Maybelline The Rocket, L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black, and two tubes of the Dior Diorshow mascara.  Out of all of these my favorite is the Maybelline one.  I'm a Rocket girl!  All were nice, but that is my favorite.

Anastasia Clear Brow Gel is the only brow gel that I use.  I picked up 5 of these mini tubes when they had them as 100pt perks.  These mini tubes last forever!  If you have kind of unruly brow hairs (like me) this tames them the best in my opinion.

If you follow my blog at all then you know I (along with most other females in the world) almost always use the Anastasia Brow Wiz eyebrow pencil.  It's just so lovely.  When I'm not using this the ONLY other pencil I will use is the NYX Micro Brow pencil....

...and I have already went through one of these!  This product was great and it is the CLOSEST thing you will find to the Anastasia Brow Wiz.  Plus, it's half the price.  LOVE.

Yeah, so this happened to my Beauty Blender after a Halloween makeup look I did.  I had only been using this Beauty Blender about 3 or 4 weeks when this happened, but I went ahead and tossed it simply because it looked so bad.  I used everything in the world trying to get the makeup off of it, but it was stained beyond belief.  I couldn't make myself use it when it looked so bad, lol.

My favorite shampoos and conditioners from the drugstore are Pantene and L'Oreal.  I grab different variations of Pantene when I see them, but they all tend to work about the same for me.  I love these big pump bottles.  They last forever and my hair always feels nice when I use them!

As far as drugstore masks for your hair goes, my favorite is the L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Damage-Erasing Balm.  I have tried mosts masks at the drugstore and this one makes my hair feel the nicest.  My all-time favorite regular shampoo and conditioner from the drugstore is the L'Oreal Total Repair EXTREME.  (Not the Total Repair 5, there is a difference).  Great line of haircare that I highly recommend you trying.

I adore paper masks so I was super excited to try this eye one from Sephora.  The skin under my eyes is the only place on my face that even starts to get dry, so I'm all about doing anything I can to moisturize that area.  This felt super nice and hydrating, the only thing I could complain about would be that the pads themselves did keep sliding down my face and I had to keep sliding them back up under my eyes.  This wouldn't be an issue if you'd just lay down and enjoy it, which is probably what I will do next time.

Make Up For Ever is one of my favorite high end brands.  They just get it right.  With everything.  They knocked it out of the ballpark with their primers, my favorite are the mattifying and smoothing ones.  And even though I am oily, I actually really enjoyed this nourishing primer as well.  Love this product and love this brand!!!

I ordered a couple of Charlotte Tilbury products from Nordstrom last month and I got a sample of the Charlotte's Magic Cream with it.  This is a super emollient cream that does feel quite nice on your skin.  I would totally love a bottle of this!  I think those with dry skin would love this even more, it's just so moisturizing and luxurious.  Highly recommend! 

Q-tips totally don't get enough praise from me.  They are a tool that I use every single time I do my makeup, but I never really mention them.  I can be a total slob putting on mascara, I will have it all over the place.  I simply let it dry and then it flakes right off using a dry Q-tip.  Also, my lashes are kind of long so my upper ones touch my brow bone and my lower ones touch my cheek.  Throughout the day I will notice some transfer or smudging in those areas, so I will again just go in with a dry Q-tip and wipe all that away.  These travel packs are excellent to toss in your bag for on-the-go.  I buy 5 or 6 packs at a time and ALWAYS have them on hand.

I am constantly getting deluxe size samples of various skincare items like this and my favorite ones to get are eye creams.  This one by Philosophy, the Renewed Hope in a Jar Eye, was lovely.  Eye creams just feel so nice and hydrating and this one was great.

I used every last...drop?...swipe?

Speaking of eye creams, this one by Algenist was great.  I only had this little sample packet, but I could tell as soon as I put it on that this would be a product I would like to have.  This is an expensive brand/line, but I think it would be worth it.  The next time I am at Sephora I will probably ask for a sample, that way I could get a little bit more of the product to see if it's something I would like to purchase.  Felt great.

I have been getting rid of more of my makeup lately.  I only want products I actively use in my collection, and I want to clear out the things I never reach for.  Here are some concealers I weeded out and passed on to some of my family members:
Maybelline Mineral Power
Neutrogena 3-in-1 Concealer for Eyes
Maybelline Fit Me
Rimmel Match Perfection
The Body Shop Lightning Touch
CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless Concealer (x2)
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfector

More Q-tips!!!!

I use cotton rounds to take off my eye makeup, for toner, and to take my nail polish off with.  So, I do go through these kind of quickly.  I most often buy the Swisspers brand at Wal-Mart.  These work great and I prefer these basic ones.  This past time I accidentally bought the Exfoliating ones that have the little exfoliating beads on one side, and I do not care for those at all.  I like these basic, plain ones the best.

I used to use this eye makeup remover in the past, so I grabbed a bottle to see if I still liked it.  I actually prefer the removers that look like water, not the ones that separate and you have to shake to mix.  This did work pretty well, but it should come as no surprise to hear me say, it simply didn't compare to my Bioderma.  Bioderma is the BEST eye makeup remover in my opinion, and it's all I plan on buying from here on out.

I always put in some type of setting lotion or styling product in my hair when I wash it, and I am glad I got to sample this Cream Soda Soothing Cream by Drybar.  Drybar is an expensive brand and I figured this would be a really great product.  While it did feel pretty nice, it is not my favorite.  My favorite cream type products to put in my hair are the It's a 10 and the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day.  This packet had a ton of product in it and I was able to use it 4 or 5 times, which was plenty to see if I really did like it.  It is a very nice product and I would use it again, it's just that I prefer those other 2 products over this one.

Another Pantene shampoo!  I really do like the Volume shampoo from the line, but I can't use it every single time I wash my hair.  My hair is too dry on the ends.  For everyday I use a shampoo/conditioner for dry or damaged hair, but every so often I use a volumizing or clarifying shampoo and my hair reacts very well with that.

I've mentioned this conditioner by Pantene several times on my blog.  The Moisture Renew Conditioner is one of my favorite conditioners they have.  It's thick and moisturizing without weighing my hair down.  Perfect!

Alright guys, that's it for now.  Thanks for going through my trash with me!  If you're on the East coast and were slammed by Winter Storm Jonas like we were I hope everything melts away for you and that you can return to the land of the living soon, lol.  Have a great week!

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