Pinch Me Sample Box: Totally Free Samples!

Hey guys!  Today I wanted to talk to you about a sample box where you can get 100% TOTALLY free samples delivered to your door.  The sample box is from the company Pinch Me, and they offer samples for the home, pets, kids, beauty, you name it.  There are some things you'd probably like to know, so let me tell you more about it.

I stumbled upon this sample box delivery service online, and halfway didn't believe it.  Why in the world would a company just send you free stuff?  I was totally skeptical, but I received my first box this week and this service is totally legit.  Here's how it worked.

-I went online to their website and signed up.  ALL you have to do to set up an account is enter your name, email, address, that sort of thing, and then answer some questions so they will know what type of products you'd be interested in sampling.  It asked me if I had children, pets, if so how many, etc.  You do not enter any form of payment, no credit card, NOTHING.  Shipping and everything is totally free.
-They will notify you via email that there are samples available for you to try.  This sample box doesn't just automatically ship every month, you have to manually go in and select your samples when they notify you.  That is the difference between this and other subscription services.  But, when you're getting totally free stuff it's very little to ask I think.
-When you get your notification email that there are samples available you simply go to the Pinch Me website and log in, it will show what samples they have and then you add them to your cart.  After you've added the samples you're interested in to your cart, then you have to click CHECKOUT.  It will verify the address you want it shipped to and voila ~ that's it.  Your samples will arrive in about 6 weeks or so.  
-The only thing this company asks is that after you use your samples you log back in to your account and review the samples you received.  They ask a handful of questions that you just click and answer:
How likely would you recommend this product to a friend?
How was your overall experience with this product?
There is a section on the surveys where you can type out a detailed review if you wish to, but I always just answer the questions that have a clickable answer and skip anything I have to write.
-The number of samples available at any given time varies, usually around 2-5.  I haven't done this long enough to know how often they notify you or how frequently you can get samples, but I have went in and selected samples 3 times, I have received my first box, and I'd say I signed up 6 weeks or so ago?  

Here are the samples I selected for my first sample box:

A very decently sized sample of Purina Pro Plan Chicken and Rice Formula cat food.  All 3 of my kitties loved this.  As soon as I opened the bag they were at my feet within minutes wanting a nibble. 

I love small sized bottles of body wash and stuff for traveling.  I've always loved the Olay ones and I can't wait to try this Moisture Outlast Body Wash with Shea Butter.  Olay body washes are so moisturizing and don't strip your skin, but they also lather up quite nice and don't feel like those other body washes that basically feel like you're trying to wash your bod with lotion.  I despise those.  I was really pleased to get this sample!

I think everybody could use a new scrub sponge in their kitchen, so I was actually really happy to get this as well.  These samples are very practical and are things most everyone would use.

And the last thing wasn't a sample but a gift card to order wine online.  The voucher is for $100, and after reading the fine print you basically have to place an order of $160 to use the $100 voucher.  I don't think that's too bad.  I'm not sure if you can order alcoholic beverages online in Kentucky, but this would be a great gift for someone!
If you guys have any questions just let me know!  Go grab you some free stuff!

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