Naturebox First Impressions!

Hey guys!  As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I have done away with all my beauty subscription services other than my FFFVIP box, and instead I decided to go with Naturebox.  If you aren't familiar with it, basically it is just a monthly subscription service for healthier snacks.  They have several different options on their site depending on what you want/need.  You can get different amounts depending on your family size, and they let you specify any food allergies and things of that sort.  This is not fat free, calorie free, taste free food.  This is just simply food made with better ingredients to promote healthier snacking.  They have a free trial box available on their site and I decided to take advantage of it.  Here is what I got in my free box:

I got one full-size snack, the Chocolate Quinoa Granola.  This was yummy, as were all the other items we received.  (We have since gobbled up every bit of our snacks).

In the sample box you only get 1 full-size item and the rest are these little bags.  I think that is fine as you are getting this stuff for free (we had to pay $2 to have it shipped is all).  The 2nd item we received were these Coconut Cashews.  Naturebox has lots of different nut snacks, we always love some cashews!

I actually HATE tomatoes so I was a little leery of trying these tomato flavored almonds.  They were so good!  I personally don't think they taste like tomatoes, they just tasted like seasoned almonds to me.

These basically tasted like Craisins to me, which I totally love.

I love salty, crunchy snacks and these were one of the first items we finished.

All in all this was a great sample pack for us.  We ate and enjoyed every morsel so we decided to stick with it and we actually chose the $19.99/month plan.  We have since received that box and I thought I would incorporate those items in this post as well.....just to let you see what you get once you start getting billed for the service.

In the $19.99/month plan you get 5 full-size items.  You have the option to specify what items you'd like to try or they will randomly select items for you.  I went in and picked 25 or so things I would like to try, and they picked the first 5 off that list.

The Big Island Pineapple seems to be a very popular item that a lot of people like.  This is David's favorite thing in the box this month, but I can't really eat it.  I had a HORRIBLE stomach virus right after Thanksgiving and the last thing I had ate was dried coconut.  I just can't do dried fruit right now.  Yuck.

Love cashews, love this.

Look who decided to join me in this post!  Piper!  Anways, yes....more cashews.  These are just as delicious.  (We love cashews and love spicy food...win/win).

I think these were limited edition, although Naturebox has several varieties of Nom Noms.  (Nom Noms are basically these really moist, delicious cookies).  These are made of rolled oats, honey, and almonds, and they are SOOOOO good.

These are basically like Corn Nuts only they are so much easier to chew and don't feel like they're going to break your teeth out, lol.  Again, I love salty, crunchy snacks and these don't disappoint!

Alright, that's it for now guys!  All in all we are TOTALLY loving Naturebox at this point and we have no intentions on stopping our subscription.  If you get this box let me know what snacks are your favorite.  Thanks for stopping by and HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE!
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