Zara Blanket Scarf vs. Target Blanket Scarf

Hi guys from me and my Blanket Scarf from Zara!

I had posted this pic on FB or IG the other day and everyone was blown away by the size of this thing.  This scarf is just SO big!  Anyways, as you may know the Zara Blanket Scarf is REALLY popular right now.  Especially popular is the pattern - this absolutely gorgeous tan/red/blue/teal/mustard plaid print.  It's perfect for the holidays and this time of year, and a lot of other brands are coming out with scarves in a similar print.  Just as popular and hard to find is the oversized scarf from Merona (available at Target).  Altogether I have purchased 4 of these scarves this year, 2 of the Target ones and 2 of the Zara ones. (2 of which were presents!!!)  For myself I bought both the Zara and the Target one, and I will show you how they are similar, how they are different, and what I love about each one of them.

Not the prettiest way to display both of these, but all I could come up with lol.  It's hard to photograph things like this by yourself.  Anyways, this square shaped one is the Zara Blanket Scarf.  It measures 145cm x 145cm, which is 57.5" x 57.5".

The Merona (Target) scarf is longer and thinner and measures 73" long and 24" wide.

Here is a closeup of the Zara fabric.  When comparing the two the first thing you will notice is that the same colors are used in both fabrics in very similar ways, but the Target scarf is more vibrant in color.  The Zara scarf is softer to the touch, and the colors are softer and not as vibrant as well.

Closeup of the Target fabric.

Side by side closeup comparison:  Target on the left, Zara on the right.

Very similar print:  Target on the left, Zara on the right.
Another difference you will notice other than the Zara colors being softer and not as vibrant, is the base color is different in the two.  The Target one is much more camel colored, while the Zara one is more of an off white.

Target on the left, Zara on the right.
As far as which one I like better, that's really hard to say.  It's not really a matter of liking one more, as they are shaped completely different so I wear them differently.  The Target one is way more compact and the Zara one is so big and fluffy.  Even though the Target one is said to be 'oversized', I personally wouldn't describe it as such.  It's not too big, in fact when I wear it I don't even loop it, I just wear it draped around my neck. 

Don't get me wrong, it's definitely long enough to loop, I just prefer it draped around my neck.  Another thing I should mention, my favorite thing to wear with BOTH of these scarves is a striped tee.  I think the patterns just go beautifully together.  Anyways, like with any other square scarf, my favorite way to wear the Zara one is with it folded in a triangle draped across the chest.

Alright guys, that's about it.  If you are interested in getting these scarves, you might have to check on eBay, as they are not available online anymore.  You might be able to find the Target one in your local store, you can check for availability here.  As for the Zara one it is no longer on their site, but a lot of people are producing very similar ones on Etsy.  If you have any questions about either of these scarves then feel free to leave it below and I will do my best to answer it.  Let me know if you have either of these scarves and how you style yours.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!
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