Product Rave: Loreal Total Repair Haircare

Hey guys!  I have mentioned in NUMEROUS blog posts how much I love and enjoy the L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Damage-Erasing Balm...

(obviously much-loved, haha)

Recently I picked up the Total Repair EXTREME shampoo and conditioner from this line, and I totally love them as well!  I can tell almost immediately if I am going to like hair care products, and these have been great from the get-go.  

When I am washing my hair, I can tell while I am still in the shower if it's going to be a good product for me or not.  After I shampoo and condition and am beginning to do my final rinse, I love products that immediately make my hair feel soft and silky.  I'm not so sure if it's the shampoo that makes a difference here, but definitely after conditioning my hair is SOOOO soft.  Then when it's time to comb my hair out while it's still wet, it is super easy with little to no tangling.  (I don't normally have a lot of tangles anyway, but my hair is noticeably easier to come out even so).  When my hair is dry it is super soft and shiny but not weighed down or anything, kind of the best of both worlds.  I like these so much so that I don't plan on trying anything new for a while, which is a lot for someone who is almost constantly trying something new.  I have found some products I really, really like so I'm sticking with these!  If you haven't tried anything from this line, I'd definitely start with the Damage-Erasing Balm then I'd try the Total Repair Extreme shampoo and conditioner.

Let me know if you have tried these products and what you think.  Have a great day everybody!
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