Small Wildfox Haul!

Hey guys!  I recently picked up a couple of things from Wildfox that I LOVE, and wanted to share them with you today!  I have loved Wildfox for yearssssss now, and their stuff never disappoints.  I am crazy-obsessed with pajamas, and the first item I got was to sleep in.

I have had this tunic for about 2 weeks or so, and sorry to say it's already sold out on their site.  Some of their items go SO quickly.  Anyways, this was called the Barefoot Heart Jersey Tunic and I think it was around $88.  I know it sounds crazy to spend that much $$$ on a shirt to sleep in, but if you've ever felt how soft and comfy Wildfox clothing is then you would totally understand.

The heart on the front of this shirt has scented ink that is supposed to last thru 10 washes.  It smells so sweet!  It instantly reminded me of the smell of the Venetian in Vegas if you're familiar with that.  I have washed this 3 or 4 times and while the scent is definitely lighter I can still smell it.  LOVE.

The next item I got was one of their beach jumpers.  If you haven't ever purchased anything from Wildfox I think this would be the item to try first.  Basically they're just these really soft inside-out sweatshirts that feel amazing.  

This is the Toast to the New Year baggy beach jumper and it was $98.  I have some older beach jumpers by Wildfox and this one is definitely baggier.  My 'Take Me To Paris' one is considerably smaller although they're both the same size.  I love this one so much more as it is looser and more comfy.  I think this will be perfect for a New Year's night-in.

I hope all of you had a great Christmas!  I'm a little sad it's all over and done with, but I am blessed to have another year under my belt.  Have a great day and weekend everybody!
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