FFFVIP: FabFitFun VIP Box Summer 2014

Hey guys!  As I have mentioned before, the FabFitFunVIP box is one of my favorite beauty subscriptions.  Unlike monthly boxes you receive, the FFFVIP box comes seasonally (4x a year) and contains full-size premium products.  Each box is $49.99, but you are guaranteed to have over $225+ in goodies.  I received my Summer box a couple of weeks ago and thought I would share with you what it had in it.  *Note---everyone receives the same box each season, items do not vary.

The card inside the box

First glimpse of what I got this season!

The Sonya Dakar Flash Facial is my favorite product in the Summer box.  A full-size bottle retailing for $95, this product alone is already a steal since I only paid $49 for the box.  This stuff is a little different in how you use it and how it applies.  The bottle itself has a pump dispenser, and the directions tell you to apply the clear gel to clean/dry skin.  Let it dry for a minute or so, then rub in circular motions with dry fingers to exfoliate your skin.  After the majority of the product has balled up and rolled off your face, rinse and pat dry.  Leaves your skin feeling so nice!  Would definitely repurchase.

I have used Purlisse in the past, I received a deluxe size sample in a couple of my Ipsy Glam bags.  It feels silky soft when applying, it's very gentle, and is super hydrating.  Very little scent, this product is great for anyone with sensitive skin.  Main ingredients are white tea, lupine peptides, blue lotus flower, sea silk, and soy protein.  One of the more expensive items in the box, $55 for this full-size bottle.

This bag is so cute!  Basically a small bag to carry both as a clutch, or to throw in your bag and carry your makeup or accessories.  Love it!

And now my 2nd favorite product in the box, the Balanced Guru No Frizz Oil.  An organic sesame and lemongrass balancing oil, this feels sooooooo good in your hair.  As soon as I opened the bottle it immediately made me think of some lotion that I have...

The lotion that you get when you stay in the Wynn/Encore hotels in Vegas!  I've stayed in a couple of the other hotels on the strip, but the only places we have stayed in the past several years are either Wynn/Encore or the Venetian.  The Wynn Lemongrass Citrus lotion smells soooooooooo good, and the Balanced Guru Oil smells just like it.

I'm sure you've seen this type of water bottle/infuser before.  I actually didn't have one and was really excited to try this.  When you take the top of the water bottle off, you pull out the infuser tube and unscrew the top off.  This is where you can put whatever fruit or herbs you wish to flavor your water with.  Then, just put the infuser back down in the bottle and there are slots to drink your water all around the lid.

I recently bought a BIG basket of ripe Summer peaches from the local fruit stand, and used one of them to make me some delicious peach flavored water.  Yummy!  I think strawberries and kiwi would be delicious too.

A gorgeous creamy pink coral with tangerine undertones.  I haven't tried this shade yet, but it will definitely be the next one I use.  I love all my Zoya polishes, and I'm sure this one will not disappoint.  

I had never even heard of these before.  When I opened them up and smelled them I had a feeling they would be something I love.  The two flavors I received were Chocolate and Strawberry.  The second I put them on my lips I was like WWWWOOOOOOOWWWWWWW.  Sooooooo super creamy and moisturizing.  These are seriously like the balmiest lip balm ever, haha.  And they have a sunscreen so, win/win.

I haven't ate this bag yet, but I have had POPchips in the past.  I think they are really good to be so low in calories!

This smells divine!  I already use Skintimate when I shave, so this is definitely something I will be using.

These are super thin and light, and sometimes that's all you need.  These will definitely be put to use!

All it took was the name of the flavor....Have Your Cake (Vanilla).  I was like, uh, yes please.  I cracked this open as soon as I got my box and was going through everything.  Not as delicious as a piece of cake, but was definitely satisfying.  I would purchase a box of these if I seen them.

And lastly I had several coupons in the bottom of the box.  One was for $25 off of a purchase of $30.  So, needless to say, I will most likely use that one at least.

The grand total for this month's goodies totals $245.77, all for $49.99.  I'd call that pretty decent.  If you have any questions about this subscription service just let me know!  Hope everybody else loves theirs as much as I did mine!  Have a great Summer, everybody!  xoxoxoxoxo!
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