50 More Random Things About Me!

It went over so well the first time I did this, here it goes a 2nd time!  Thanks for all the lovely messages from the first 50!
1.  My favorite flower is a Tulip.
2.  Even though I am not into Astrology, being born in December I am a Sagittarius (which is the Archer.)  I have always wanted to take up archery and learn to be good with a bow and arrow!
3.  My childhood nickname is Erky.  When my cousins wanted to be mean, it was Erky Turkey.
4.  I am a big believer in taking your vitamins.
5.  'Remember When' by Alan Jackson has to be the saddest song of all time.  Everytime I hear it my throat tightens and my eyes sting.
6.  I'm not a crier.  Something has to REALLY be wrong for me to cry.
7.  Michelangelo's Pieta (sculpture of Mary and Jesus that is housed in St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City...Rome, Italy) is one of the only things in this world that has been so beautiful, that just seeing it brought tears to my eyes.
8.  There are not many foods I don't like, but fresh tomatoes is DEFINITELY at the top of the list.  I love canned petite diced ones though.  Go figure.
9.  I hate olives but love olive oil.
10.  I have had 6 root canals and 6 crowns, and I believe that any gal with THAT many crowns should be referred to as Your Highness!
11.  I love for you to tell me a story.  About anything.  Your first love, a funny thing that happened at the grocery store yesterday, anything.  I will sit and listen for hours.
12.  I cannot let my feet hang off the bed.  Ever.  Not even for a second.  35 years old may be a little old to still be afraid of the boogie man grabbing a hold of your foot and yanking you off the bed, but I can't help it.
13.  New Kids on the Block was my first concert in 4th grade.  Jordan Knight was everyyyyyything.
14.  Hello, my name is Erica and I am addicted to Chobani yogurt.  Seriously.
15.  I have a birthmark in the shape of Kentucky.  No joke.
16. I am really good with song lyrics.  Like, really good.
17.  I never had braces, so of course I wanted them when I was younger.  I would fold up paper or plastic or gum wrappers or whatever and wear them on the front of my teeth and pretend I had them.   'Gosh, thesh brashes are killing me today'
18.  I snort when I laugh.
19.  I hate/do not watch scary movies.
20.  My favorite food is Italian.
21.  I used to do the occasional YouTube video a few years ago, and I still have over 550 subscribers on my channel.
22.  I have no talents.  Really.
23.  I'm not much for mayonnaise.  I am a mustard girl 100%.
24.  Shellfish is my favorite food from the ocean/fish/etc.  Lobster, crab, shrimp = YUM.
25.  Elika is my Hawaiian name, and I have a Koa wood bangle bracelet with it engraved on it from when I went to Waikiki.
26.  Dr. Derek Shepherd makes me swoon.
27.  My left ear is pierced 4 times (1 up top and 3 in the lobe) and my right ear is pierced 3 times (in the lobe), but I only wear earrings in the bottom two holes of each ear. 
28.  I was 2 when my ears were pierced the first time, they done my right ear first and that hole is perfect.  They had to hold me down to do my left ear, that hole goes straight down at an angle and it barely caught the back of my ear.  This is why I usually only wear studs, long dangly earrings hang weird on that ear.
29.  When I was in high school I went to Showtime Video with my cousin Whitney to rent a movie.  While we were there I picked up this little Pekingese dog the owners had running around, and it jumped up and bit my left earring out (it was a really small hoop.)  It not only ate my earring, but it tore my already jacked up ear hole.  Another reason I only wear studs, hehe.
30.  I went onstage with David Copperfield at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and was part of his grand finale act during one of his magic shows.
31.  I rear-ended someone with my cousin Sawyer while listening to 'Return of the Mack' by Mark Morrison.
32.  I learned to read before I went to kindergarten.
33.  I will always miss the girls of Wisteria Lane :-(
34.  I have been known to rap, especially when I was in high school.  There are actually some old VHS tapes of me doing it back in the day.  Needless to say I hope those never surface.
35.  I've never done/been into Pinterest.
36.  I do not like meat on a salad.  So my favorite salad at any restaurant is just the house salad - lettuce, cheese, croutons, cucumber, dressing = perfect.
37.  I cannot stand the sheet to be tucked in when I go to sleep, it traps my feet down and I cannot deal.
38.  I also cannot wear socks to sleep.
39.  I whole-heartedly believe in never carrying a credit card balance.  If you can't afford it you don't need it, and you will be happy you didn't charge it in the long run.
40.  I like TV shows way more than movies.
41.  I hate cereals with marshmallows.  They hurt my teeth.
42.  I trace my fingernails with my thumb when I am nervous.
43.  Of all the places I have ever been, the New England states are probably the prettiest to me.  (Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, Cape Cod areas to be exact.)  So quaint, and I love their simple elegance.
44.  As soon as I get seated and settled in, I say the same prayer on every single flight I take.  I pray for a safe flight, and for God to get every single person on board back home to their loved ones safely.
45.  I have always had an interest in Catholicism that I can't explain.  Even though I am not Catholic, I can pray the rosary and I keep a list of all the saints so I know who to ask to put in a good word for me.
46.  I got my rosary at the Vatican in Vatican City (Rome, Italy).
47.  I don't really believe in the whole "It's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all" thing.  And if you've ever really had your heart broken, then you probably know why.
48.  I burn out on songs super easy, but one song I never did get tired of was 'Dilemma' by Nelly and Kelly Rowland.  No matter what I do, all I think about is you.  Even when I'm with my boo...
49.  I was on my way home from working nightshift at the Hazard ARH Medical Center the first time I ever heard that song.  I loved it as soon as I heard it.  I listened as close as I could to see what they were saying and to see if I could tell who was singing it.  I was approaching the turnoff to Wal-Mart as soon as she said 'Nelly, I love you', and I flipped my signal on and went straight in and bought the cd.  That song was on repeat for at least 6 months straight.
50.  I believe that when you're blessed, it's your job to bless others. 
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