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Today, let's talk bras.  All us gals need them, and if you have a large chest like me (40 DD) then you probably already know the struggles in finding the perfect one.  As far as what I look for in a bra, I want something comfortable and cute, supportive but not constricting, proper fitting so that it's not moving, shifting, or changing with wear or washing, and one that has comfy, sturdy straps that don't hurt my shoulders and that don't roll or flip around.  Another huge aspect my bras have to have, is I don't want them to change the shape of my breasts.  I've tried on and purchased wayyyy too many bras that have done all sorts of unflattering things:  flattened them, squashed them into a uni-boob, and even ones that have given me that unwanted, iconic cone-shaped breast.  Ugh.  I want nice, round, supported breasts, that's it.  I also prefer one that is lightly lined, as I don't need heavily molded cups or any extra padding!  The lining is mainly because I don't want my girly parts on display... if say...it's cold out or whatever.  You catch my drift.  And another thing, I want a bra to hold up and withstand washing and wearing and NOT have an underwire pop out in like no time at all.  I hate that!  I want my bras to be good quality and be strong and last.  Anyways, I'm pretty picky when it comes to bras and I have been buying the same brand for years now.  I am so happy with all of mine that I have ZERO interest in EVER buying another brand, because these have been so perfect.  The bra line I am referring to is Cacique, which is available through Lane Bryant (in stores and online).  This bra line is for busty gals:  36-46 C-DDD, and 36-44 F, G, H.  They have SO many styles and colors and they are just perrrrrrrrfect.  Like I said, I have bought them for years.  Here are 2 of my lingerie drawers that hold some of them.

I buy bras for different reasons and occasions.  I have some strapless ones and some convertible ones for certain outfits and dresses that I have, I have ones with thin straps, front closure, plunge front, etc. for other outfits as well.  For everyday wear I like a basic full-coverage support bra.  As far as colors, while I have numerous in various colors, I like 3 basic colors for the majority of my bras:  nude, black, and animal print.  I am naturally olive skin toned all over my body, and if I wear a white bra and say a white shirt, you can see it against my darker skin through my clothing.  But, if I wear a nude one it is more of a fleshtone, so it doesn't show up under clothing as much.  I like black bras too, because I think they hold up and look nicer with wear than basic white.  And lastly, I like the animal print ones because I just think they're pretty.  They look super cute paired with panties that have prints or writing, or with solid, bright, and muted colored panties as well.  Nude, black, and animal print is all you'd ever need in a bra.  
These bras are comparable to most reasonably nice bras ($35-$60/piece or so).  I usually buy them once or twice a year, when the Cacique annual sale is going on.  Usually at that time you can get all of their bras on sale for buy-2-get-2-free.  These last for soooo long and it's been such a rarity for mine to have an underwire break or poke through.  I mean, that does happen, it does with every bra.  But if we are talking about one of my everyday bras that I am constantly wearing, I would say it's after a year of wear and tear.  The bras that I have for special occasions or dresses, that I only wear here and there, those like never wear out.  Those are investments that I have made for years, and all of those bras are still in my collection.  It's the 5 or so ones that I keep in my everyday rotation that wear out.  Even if the underwire hasn't broke or popped through the fabric, about a year of nonstop wearing is usually about how long I like to keep one before it needs to be replaced....before it looks worn or anything.  I like pretty, nice looking underclothing, you know?  One thing you need to keep in mind, I am always in these.  I (of course) wear a bra all day, but I sleep in my bra as well.   These bras are so comfy and supportive, I wear them when I exercise (which is rare, lol) as well.  These are my everything bras.
By the way, such an individual thing that people usually feel so strong about - whether they sleep in a bra or not, lol.  I can sleep without one, and obviously I have.  But, it is definitely my preference to sleep in one.
I thought I would show you a few I picked up at their last annual sale.

I bought this white Balconette bra mainly because of the straps.  I have a lot of shirts that hang off of one shoulder, and I wanted a bra with a pretty strap that could pass for a camisole or a pretty tank strap.

My basic, everyday nude bras.

They are the Satin Full-Coverage bras.

Black Satin Full-Coverage everyday bra.

Black Smooth-Boost Plunge bra

I mainly bought this one for the strap as well, as it's thinner shiny black strap would look nicer under a one-shoulder blouse as well.

And this one is an animal print convertible bra.  You can take the straps off completely and use it as a strapless bra.  It comes with 2 sets of straps, nude and clear, that you can rotate as you need them.  You can also use this as a one-shoulder strap bra, a halter, etc.  Every gal needs at least one of these in their collection.

If you guys have any questions just let me know!  Let me know what your favorite Cacique bras are!  xoxoxo!

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