How I love these kiddos!  We had a blessed couple of days together and I thought I would share some of the things we enjoyed!  My niece LOVES to skate, so we took them to our local rink.  Only bad thing?  You have to rent the rink in 2 hour blocks (like for a birthday party).  So what did we do?  We rented the rink of course, lol.  Had the whole thing to ourselves, it was great!

On me:  Deborah Lippmann Naked, Nails Inc Floral Street, I <3 Nail Art pens in red and blue.  On her:  Color Club in Lava Lamp, Nails Inc Floral Street, I <3 Nail Art pens in red and blue
She wanted her nails like her Auntie's.
How sweet is her little hand <3

And of course we had to play in some makeup.  It was like having my own little doll to play with, lol.  Everyone should have a canvas this perfect.  We watched Planet of the Apes the night before, and on this night me and my niece seen Maleficent.  What better makeup palette to use than the Disney Villains???

She fell in love with the blue glitter eyeliner that came in my last Ipsy Glam bag, so not only did we use it, but she took that and some other goodies home with her in her makeup bag.  She is so mature and seems so much older than she is, but she still has so much of a baby face.  Love her so.
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  1. These are Great! That little hand looks just like another little hand I used to hold onto =(
    Love you and thanks for sharing!!