Bath And Body Works Sweater Weather & Sugared Cinnamon Doughnut Candles

More BBW haulin', ya'll!!!

How can you pass it up when BBW has their 3-wick candles on sale for 2/$22???  I never can.  This time I went for the Sweater Weather one and the Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut one as well.

The Sweater Weather candle is definitely a little different.  I think the description is very accurate - definitely some juniper berry and sage notes.  When this is burning it does have a very autumn, outdoorsy, warm scent....slightly cologne-ish?  When I first popped this open and smelled it I was surprised, not what I was expecting.  But, I really really really like this one!  I lit it to test it out a couple of days after I got it, fell asleep with it lit, and woke up about an hour later.  The sweet smell infiltrated most rooms of my house, not in a too-strong kind of way, but in a very nice kind of way.  Would definitely repurchase this one again sometime.

This candle smells delicious!!!  I have to say, straight out of the jar, hands down this one smells the best when compared to the Sweater Weather candle.  However, this candle is not too strong when it is burning.  It's an extremely mild candle.  The Sweater Weather gives you more bang for your buck, but the sweet scent of this one makes it worth the $ anyways.  Would be perfect if it were just a little stronger.

This is the scentportable I always have in my car.  This time I picked up some Tiki Beach refills and ohhhh myyyyy, they smell heavenly!  LOVEEEE this scent in my car would DEFINITELY repurchase!!!!

And, as always, I picked up some hand sanitizers.  I got 3 of the Graham Cracker Marshmallow, 1 Paradise Plumeria, and 1 Meyer Lemon (to go in the kitchen next to my soap.)

Let me know which BBW candles you've been loving!  I have a couple of coupons that I plan on using soon and I'm not for sure which scents to try next.  It's going to be Fall soon (my FAVORITE----YAY!!!!), so I will probably get a couple of more Autumn-ish scents.  Until next time...
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