Wardrobe Staples: The Perfect Riding Boots "Golden Goose Charlye Boot"

When it comes to most things in life I am always on the hunt for finding bargains, getting more bang-for-my-buck, searching for cheaper alternatives, and hitting up 'dupes' instead of original high-priced items. But every now and then I go all out and invest in something that is a staple to my collection. To me, it's all about choosing where to save and choosing where to invest. If it's something that is more 'trendy' right now, I am gonna find me an el-cheapo version and rock it while it's in. But, if it is something that is timeless and classic and will never go out of style, then I consider that something worth putting a few extra dollars in. Especially if this is something that you could potentially wear for several years to come. The LBD (little black dress), a fitted blazer, a great pair of all-occasion heels (that don't kill your feet), etc. And, of course, riding boots! I won't deny that I love all different kinds of boots - sexy, colorful, with a heel, without a heel, for rain, for hiking, for playing, with fringe, without fringe, with details, without details, with pattern, without pattern....you see where I'm going....this could go on forever. A simple, non-gimmicky pair of really nice, low-heeled, knee-high riding boots is essential to anyone's wardrobe. You can dress them up, dress them down, pair them with dresses, shorts, jeans, leggings, anything you want and they still look nice. When I began looking for the 'perfect pair' for me, images of Reese Witherspoon in her KILLER boots she was always wearing kept coming to mind. They always looked SO perfect - broken in and scuffed up, not in a wore out kind of way but more of a cool/rockin kind of way, lol. After doing some research I discovered these were the Golden Goose Charlye Boot. I also discovered Reese wasn't the only celeb sporting these highly coveted kicks...


I fell in love and ended up purchasing mine last year. Only bad thing was they did not come at a cheap price, and they were really hard to find. The brown ones were my first choice, but I could NOT find them ANYWHERE in my size (9). So, I ended up settling on the black ones and I found them at Barneys New York.


I know $1295 is a lot to spend on, well, anything. But like I said, I know these boots will be a staple in my wardrobe for many years to come (if I'm blessed to live that long!), and I take really good care of my stuff. Paired with my Wal-Mart leggings and Target jeans, these boots will be smokin, lol! Keep in mind there are cheaper alternatives out there, but as long as they are a good quality leather riding boot, it is definitely an investment you won't regret making! Thanks for stopping by and let me know your favorite brand of riding boots!


.....oh gawd...I just seen on Barney's site that they have them IN BROWN and IN MY SIZE. Give me the strength to resist tempation! LOL
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