Cortex 4 in 1 Curling Wands

So on YouTube everyone has been talking about the NuMe curling wands for your hair. There are some really good coupon codes on some of the gurus channels, and they appear to give really good results. After doing some research I stumbled upon the Cortex 4 in 1 curling wand. Once the 'it' wand of YouTube, it appears to be the same thing as the NuMe wands. 

What you get is basically one wand with 4 different size heads. You get one graduated/tapered head that goes from 1/2 to 1", a 3/4", 1 1/4" and 1 1/2".  NuMe had a similar product on their page:

(Tri-Fect $219)

(Lustrum $229)

With the coupon codes I think you get these about half off. Maybe more. What I didn't like about the NuMe wands - the biggest thing is the lack of a heat setting. I have naturally curly/fuzzy hair and I like to have control of my temperature setting. I feel like I need more heat than the average person.   The NuMe wand heats to 410 degrees. Period. No other options. The Cortex wands have an adjustable heat setting ranging from 360-430 degrees. Also, as it is heating up the digital temperature shows you the current temp as it's heating up. Pretty neat.  Another thing I don't like about the NuMe wands is how they name their barrels in terms of millimeter size. The Cortex wands are named in inches. Maybe not a big deal, but easier. Simpler. I like it better. 

From what I have read and researched on both of these wands, they seem to give very similar results. They both offer beautiful curls that really do last for days. I will insert a few photos of me using the different size barrels and the different looks they offer. I go on the average 3 days without washing my hair when I heat style it. The curls always hold up great and my hair stays looking pretty much the same the entire 3 day period. 

1 1/2" barrel. I used bigger sections for a looser, more natural look. Gives more of a beach-wave look rather than a tight-curl look this way. 

3/4" barrel. I used smaller sections for a tighter curl for this look. I totally love this barrel. One of my favorite looks the Cortex offers. 

1/2-1" graduated barrel.  Again I used smaller sections for tighter curls. These would've lasted all week if I didn't have to wash my hair!

Overall, I highly recommend the Cortex 4 in 1 curling wand. So much versatility with AMAZING results. It usually goes for somewhere around 200 bucks, found mine on Amazon for around $50. I think the NuMe wand would be very nice as well, I just chose the Cortex for myself. Let me know what you guys think if you have the Cortex or NuMe wands. Thanks and have a great day!

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