Maybelline Eye Studio "Fall 2013 on the Runway" Collection

Through the years I have went through various phases in my makeup addiction. There have been times when I've been obsessed with one particular brand, times I've wanted only higher end department store brands, and occasions where I've swore off the expensive stuff and made it my mission to discover those hidden drugstore gems. But over time I have basically decided that good makeup is everywhere, and usually every brand on the market has items that are good, if not great. I enjoy having a little bit of everything in my ever-growing collection, but I find what I get MOST excited about is scoring the limited edition drugstore items. It's so fun! I don't know if the products are that much greater or if it's the thrill of the chase. But either way, it has become my greatest makeup obsession. Sooooo, during a quick trip to Rite Aid I spotted these little gems and, of course, HAD to have them. It's the Maybelline Eye Studio Plush Silk Palettes "Fall 2013 on the Runway" limited edition collection. There are 4 of these bad boys, and I was only able to score 3 of them. I'm sure before it's all said and done I will have that 4th one! Let's get to swatching.
This first one is the "Autumn Dream" palette. I am so excited to try this! A completely shimmery/glittery palette, it has a great light, really sparkly champagne/gold color and teal, purple, and blue jewel tones perfect for fall. I see a lot of fun looks with this palette in my future...
Up next we have the "Desert Fantasy" palette. This might possibly be my favorite one of the 3 that I own.
"Desert Fantasy" has a shimmery yellow gold, as well as a peachy gold, a khaki neutral, and a sheer matte black. These palettes are known for being ultra shimmery, so I am soooo glad to see a matte shade thrown in the mix.
And the last one that I have is the "Fall Temptation" quad. It consists more of khaki and brown shades, and has a (mostly) matte deep, dark brown in it as well. Sooooo pretty!
I cannot wait to give this palette a try! I am much more a nude/neutral eye kinda gal, so this is probably the palette I will be using the most.
You should check these palettes out in person, you won't be disappointed! Let me know your favorites and what you think. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!
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