Kim Kardashian Birthday Party 2013 Tao Las Vegas

Howdy folks. So we've had this little trip to Vegas planned for a bit now. Nothing special, just a little getaway to unwind and de-stress, have some fun. Wellllllll, you can imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon this pic on Kim K's website:

I was like, HUH??? She's gonna be there the very weekend I am!@$%&* We usually stay at Encore, but it just so happens our room is in the Venetian this time around. I could hardly believe it that Kim is having her 33rd b-day party in the very hotel I will be staying in. I (of course) immediately went online and got me a ticket (for a mere 20 bucks!!!). I know it's gonna be hopping, I'll probably have to stand in line half the night, and I'll undoubtedly be exhausted the next day, but OMGsh it'll be so worth it. I can't believe it....I'm going to Kim Kardashian's birthday party! So right off I start worrying about what to wear. I have this in mind:

A dress with a chevron print, probably with a basic black bootie (like this)

Something simple and chic, yet also friendly on the wallet as I am on a tight budget. I don't care if I have to grab something at Wally-World or Targ├Ęt baby. This kentucky hillbilly is gonna see some celebs. The Kardashians won't know what hit em! Hehe. Who all's goin?? Let me know if you are planning on attending! Ya'll come back soon!
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