Boots and Fuller Calves: Professional Boot Stretching & Accessories

So one of the unfortunate traits I inherited from my father was his calves. My mother says he was known for his extreme calf muscles, and wouldn't you know it, I ended up with them. The only thing that makes this a dilemma for me is finding boots that will zip up over my full lower extremities. I have came up with a couple of things that have really helped me and wanted to share it with you. Also I wanted to include an adorably cute accessory that I found as well :-)

I mentioned my favorite pair of riding boots that I own in a previous blog post, my "Golden Goose Charlye Boots." What I didn't mention in that post was that when I received these boots they would not come up over my calf. I found out later thru some research that the black version of these boots are noticeably slimmer than the other colors. Wouldn't you know it. Anyways, I was determined to get these boots to fit. I tried the whole putting them in the freezer with the ice....didn't work. I made an at-home rubbing alcohol based "stretching solution" and bought two different so-called boot stretchers from ebay. NOTHING WORKED. Then I stumbled upon the Boyers website. They offer professional boot stretching for, get this, $10! That's it. Ten bucks. You also have to pay for your boots to be shipped back to you ($13) so you are out a total of $23. But to have my FAVORITE boots actually fit, well that is priceless. My boots were gone about a week, so they are super quick. Also, if your boots don't fit when you get them back, they will re-stretch them for free, all you have to pay is the $13 for shipping. They kept in constant communication with me via email. All I had to do was some measurements on my leg and voila! My boots fit! The only thing to keep in mind when having boots stretched is that they probably need to be real leather. I don't think it would be possible to stretch man-made materials. So, if you are like me and have a pair of boots that you are unable to wear but really love, check these folks out. You will not be disappointed!

As I mentioned above, I have found a great boot accessory for the fuller-calf gal! A look that I have always LOVED is boots with boot socks. I think it is such an adorable look!

The only problem? When your boots are already snug, a lot of times you do not have the option to add more bulk. Welllllllll, I have found a solution for this as well! Browsing around on Etsy one night I stumbled upon the "Grace and Lace" store. They make absolutely adorable boot socks, leg-warmers, scarves and other accessories. Definitely check them out. But the item I was most impressed with were their Dainty Lace Boot Cuffs.

Basically what you get are faux leg-warmers or boot socks. You get the look without any of the bulk! Such a genius idea! They are $24/pair, are extremely well made and excellent quality. I bought two pairs, in Ivory and Dove Grey. Could not be happier with these!

Hope this helps some of you out that struggle with boots and fuller calves as do I. Hope you're having a great weekend and please come by again!
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