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Happy Sunday, folks. Hope you all are enjoying a nice, lazy day. On days like today where I'm just hanging around the house and not really going anywhere, I have one too many times caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and swore I just saw what must have been an escaped convict or some crazy person who just fled the looney-bin. Ha! And I have finally came to the conclusion that just because I am staying in and not going out, that does not give me an excuse to look completely terrible. There's no need! With just a tad bit more consideration to what I choose to lounge in, the look can be decent, if not even kind of cute. Here is what I have came up with:

-Shower. Yes, even if you're not going out, even if you don't have plans. Being clean goes a longgggg way! Days like this are also ideal for a little pampering. Spend a little longer soaking in the tub, take time to exfoliate, do a facial, or better yet, bring out the pumice stone and slough off that dead skin you've been sporting the last few weeks but have been too tired to do anything about. Then once you are out, take the time to put on all of your lotions, potions, and notions - really moisturize your face, neck, and decolletage. Learn to embrace those days where you allow your skin to breath without layers of makeup on top of it. I never EVER feel like doing my hair on these days, so usually I end up with a top knot or messy bun. I usually put on a couple of squirts of body spray or perfume. It never hurts to smell nice!

-Next is deciding on something comfortable to wear. I have been guilty of sporting it all: mixmatched pajamas, old scrub pants (I'm a nurse, it's our thing) with an old t-shirt, cut off sweatpants stained with everything from paint to hair dye, you name it. But since the weather has been cooling off I have found myself reaching for leggings. They are thin, stretchy and so comfortable. Plus, they look more put together than old, ratty, baggy clothes. I've got mine everywhere from Wal-Mart to Forever 21 to Gap. They are everywhere and they are cheap. So go grab you a few pairs, you will not regret it. My favorite color for wearing around the house is grey. When I wear them out I generally go for black. When you are laying around the house you don't want to constantly be picking off every piece of lint or pet hairs or whatever off your pants all day, so go with something more forgiving....like the grey.

I recently purchased about 3 packs of white t-shirts from Wal-Mart in the guy section. I chose v-neck tagless tees, and they feel great. I got a couple of different brands (Gildan and Fruit of the Loom I think?) but any will do. Just plain white tees that come down over your bottom. When wearing leggings, it's always important to cover your rear. It just looks better. During the middle of the day if it gets hot, I simply wear my white tee and my leggings. But as the evening time comes and it gets chillier out, I grab me an oversized plaid shirt (or flannel) and toss that on top. This really makes such a cute outfit! It feels great and is so comfortable, and you are not as mismatched and sloppy as you otherwise might be. Again, I have tons of long sleeve plaid shirts that I have accumulated over the years from numerous places. I grab my really broken in ones for the house, usually something cheap from Wal-Mart or Target, and leave my newer more expensive ones for going out.

-And lastly, something else to take into consideration is house shoes. I know not everyone enjoys them, although I can't imagine why! I absolutely LOVE house shoes. Nowadays you can find them in so many cute prints and fashions, they can really make your pajamas and outfits so cute. Also, running around barefoot really dries out the skin on your feet. When you cover your feet, whether it be in house shoes or socks, it keeps them from getting so dry. Plus, it is getting cooler out and as we get into the later fall and winter months you will love the soft warmth they provide your tootsies with! I have probably 20 pairs of numerous styles. My favorites I found at (yes, you guessed it) Wal-Mart. They look very similar to Ugg boots, and are so soft and easy to slip on and off. And they look great with leggings! Any kind would do, and if you don't have any just use socks. I think a cute, funky patterned sock would look adorable.

So anyways guys, have fun on your lazy day and rest up for the long week ahead. Hope this gave some of you some ideas! Thanks and come back soon!

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