HUGE Fall Haul Ya'll !

Hi folks! Hope you all are having a fabulous, rainy, peaceful Thursday evening! I wanted to hop on here and share with you guys some of the things I have picked up over the past couple of months. I absolutely adore Fall and the fashion that comes along with it. I was in a hurry and snapped these photos real quick with my lovely (not-so-much) iPhone. I don't know if it's the dreary weather or the yellow quilt that was on my guest room bed, but either way the pics turned out absolutely dreadful and for that I am sorry. It will appear that I used some kind of faded filter, but no, that is simply how the pics turned out. But hopefully it will give you an idea of what these things look like. As I wear them I will try to take some OOTD shots to show them a little better. I will also try to provide links for each item if they are available.

American Eagle

I picked up two pairs of jeggings, one distressed/destroyed and one in a light/medium wash. I also found this poncho which was originally $69. I picked it up when the website had the 'take an additional 50% off clearance'. So I think I got it for about $25. It's so super cute! (It's made really big, so order the small one). The jeggings fit perfectly and will be great under all my boots this season and next.

Old Navy

I picked up a peach sweater with a matching cami (as it is kind of see through), a denim western shirtdress (mine is in a darker wash, I don't think they have this anymore) a pair of grey basic leggings, the iconic fox sweater, a thick animal print sweater perfect for wearing over black leggings, a sequined navy long sleeve tee, and 3 long sleeve plaid/flannel shirts. Best. Plaid. Shirts. Ever. I think the western shirtdress will be adorable with a scarf and some knee-high boots. As the weather gets colder I'll probably wear it with some thick tights or leggings as well!


I bought the peach sweater from Old Navy to go with a pair of polka-dot denim skinny jeans that I got at Target. I love peach with polka-dot denim. These were on the clearance rack for about $10!

I picked up 3 blouses/tunics: 2 in abstract prints and 1 in cobalt blue, 2 long sleeve plaid shirts, a polka-dot denim long sleeve shirt, an animal print dress, and some boots. You can't tell from the pic, but the animal print dress ties at the waist and has a small ruffle detail on the chest. The first pair of boots are the (shorter) black Mossimo boots with the gold buckles. WOWZA! These babies look like Chanel boots. So classy with the gold zipper up the back. If you invest in these you will NOT regret it. The two pairs of taller boots are by Mossimo as well. They are the buttery-soft Kayce boot. The black ones have a blue strip up the back and the brown ones have a red strip up the back. These boots are not genuine leather they are manmade materials, but this is the highest quality "pleather" I have ever felt. I checked the tag 2 or 3 times to make sure they weren't real leather. You would NEVER know it. Some of my FAVORITE boots that I will ever own.


I picked up this adorable pink plaid shirt from Aeropostale. I couldn't find it on their website any longer to link it. It was on clearance when I found it, I am sure it is all sold out. It is thin and comfy and I love it. I have a thing for long sleeve plaid button-ups this fall.....can you tell???


This colorblock sweater dress that I picked up is one of those optical illusion dresses that are supposed to give you a slimmer silhouette. We will see if it works when I wear it (I will have to keep in mind it is just a dress, not a miracle worker lol). It was originally $58 and I got it for $39. The black blouse that I got is really pretty. It is silky and light, and has faux leather inserts at the shoulder and a gold detail at the neckline. I attempted to take a photo of this for you. It was originally $64 and I got it for $11.99.

Victoria's Secret

I got me a pair of the Cotton Mayfair Pajamas when they were on sale. They go for around $50, I got mine on sale for around $30. I got mine in pink with black polka dots. I don't think they have this particular color anymore, but they still have numerous colors to choose from. They are really loose, thin and comfy. I LOVE these. My favorite pj's I have ever got from VS.

Forever 21

I adore this polka-dot cardigan! Polka dots are so fun right now, and you can't go wrong with a thick soft cardigan. It will go with anything. How cute is this Mickey sweatshirt??? Perfect for a lazy day with either leggings or skinny jeans. I grabbed a pair of Bone Head Leggings, thinking that I might possibly wear these on Halloween night when I give out candy to the trick-or-treaters. Not something I would wear everyday, but definitely something I'd wear with a long sweater on Halloween! And lastly I picked up this Lipstick Dress. It's a little baggy but I had to have it. I love any and all things beauty related!

Chinese Laundry Boots at Amazon

And the last thing I am going to talk about today are these lovely boots from Chinese Laundry. A favorite of Kourtney Kardashian, Chinese Laundry has some of the best quality leather boots for an unbelievable bargain. I got these over-the-knee puppies thru Amazon (that's the only place I ever buy CL boots). They have an elastic band that goes behind your knee to hold them up, they are plenty big to pull straight up on your leg, and they are so long! Love these!

Shew! That was a long one. I am going to go and enjoy what's left of my evening lol. Hope you guys found this helpful and saw some things you might want to check out. Let me know what kinds of things you are loving this fall and take care! Come back soon!

(American Eagle destroyed jeggings and Target boots!)

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