New Bath And Body Works Candles: Honolulu Sun And Praline Pecan Cobbler

Hey guys!  Just a few days ago I did a blog post on some new candles I got from BBW (in case you missed it you can see that post here.  Anyways, after posting that post I had a couple of friends recommend another candle to me, so of course I had to try to that one too.  I hate that BBW raised the prices on their candles not long ago, because I think $22.50 is a lot to spend on one.  But, they really have been having so many sales, so it's hard to complain.  With both orders I was able to get 2 candles for $24 with an extra 20% off my order and a free travel size item.  Not too bad :)

I have been dying to try the Praline Pecan Cobbler candle, but it was not available when I placed my last order.  When I seen it was available for this order I jumped on the chance to snag it. 

This candle smells SO good!  I am always a sucker for foodie type scents and this one is just that.

(Read description for scent in pic above.  I have an extreme inability to describe them).  All I can say is this smells so dang good you want to eat it.  It's more Spring/Summer appropriate, as it's not all pumpkin-y or anything like that.  Kind of a good one to throw in the whole beachy, coconut-y mix.

Smells.  So.  Good.
A great, clean beachy scent that you can actually smell.  That's my problem, I don't smell a lot of candles.  I burn my candles in the living room, which isn't monstrous or anything, but it's definitely the largest room in our house.  So often I can't smell the candles I am burning.  I am happy to say that this sweet smelling aroma wafts through the air in the most perfect way.  You can definitely smell it but it's not overpowering.  Perfect.

(Again, read the description above.  I wouldn't be able to begin to tell you what it is, lol).

And for my freebie I just got a seasonal lotion to keep in my bag.  Smells so good!

My friends, if you have any other recommendations please let me know!  The candles I got in this order are absolute powerhouses, so I can definitely recommend them to you.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend, peeps!
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