Birchbox: Adventure Is A State Of Mind Box!

Hey guys!  I mentioned last month that I was able to receive a Birchbox for free, and I ended up liking it so much I went ahead and signed back up for the monthly subscription service.  The Adventure is a State of Mind box is the first one I have received since I started paying for the service again.  It has a couple of things in it that I am already totally loving, so I thought I'd show you what I got.  If you are unfamiliar with Birchbox it's a beauty subscription service that comes every month for $10.  It usually contains 5 beauty samples, but that can vary a little.  I subscribed to Birchbox for a couple of years but cancelled my subscription service about one year ago because I had accumulated so many samples I couldn't use them all.  I have really been trying to use up as much of my samples as I can, so I went ahead and renewed my subscription.  I plan on keeping it for a few months...I'll just play it by ear and see how pleased I am with the things I get.  So anyways, here's what I got.

I won't lie, one of the main reasons I subscribed to Birchbox again was to get a sample of Dr. Jart's BB Cream!  I had used up all the samples I had of them, and I knew Birchbox sent them fairly frequently before.  I was so happy to see this in here! 

I have been wearing a LOT of colored eyeliners in my waterline lately, and I adore this one.  It's a beautiful purpley-blue, and where it is waterproof it stays on SO well.  Looooooooove this!!!

Like I said, I mainly subscribed to Birchbox to get some more Dr. Jart BB Cream.  I have tried most of the BB Creams in this line, and while I do like this one, my favorite one is still probably the one for oily/acne prone skin.

This body cream smells pretty strong.  Kind of cologne-ish?  I am guessing that is the spanish mandarin botanicals, lol.  I love little bottles of products like this, so handy when you travel as much as we do!

Described as a peel and not a mask, this is one of those exfoliating products you apply and then rub into your skin where it supposedly balls up and rolls away along with your dead skin cells.  I happen to really like these type of products, and my favorite place to use them is in the shower (since they have the potential to be kind of messy).

I have oodles of perfume samples, and while I do actually use them and enjoy them when I travel, I get so many of them that they really do tend to pile up.  You know a perfume is really good when I purposely sit it away from the stash to use next in line.  That is what I did with this perfume, as it smells so nice!  It smells like something someone who is really, really wealthy would wear, lol.

And for an extra this month they threw in a hair tie.  I have several of this type of tie that I get from Sephora, so I was happy to get another one!

All in all I am really happy with this box!  I am definitely going to keep my subscription for a little while longer to restock my sample stash.  If you're interested in subscribing to Birchbox then just click here!
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