Spring Victoria's Secret Pajamas

Hey guys!  Cute and comfy pj's are a must for me.  If you follow my blog then you are aware of my obsession with Victoria's Secret pajamas.  They have so many styles to choose from and everything is just adorable.  It makes you feel nice to go to bed in something so cute.  Plus, it makes you feel not so...bummish?  Today I am going to show you a couple of pairs I picked up for Spring/Summer.

The Cotton Mayfair Boxer Pajama, $39.50 in Pink Dot
These feel great!  A super soft garment-washed cotton, this is extremely light and not too hot, perfect for the warmer nights we've been having.  You get the classic long-sleeved Mayfair Cotton Pajama top with a pair of drawstring-waist boxer shorts.  Love.

Adorable print!  This photographed a little darker than what the color actually is.  It is actually a true pink when you see them in person.

The Mayfair Tee-jama, $49.50 in Metropolis Top/Pink Leopard
Super soft, thin cotton pants with a soft V-neck tee.  These couldn't be more comfortable.

Super cute ruffle-trim side pockets!

Let me know which pajamas are your favorite from VS.  I am a BIG fan of their Mayfair Cotton line if you couldn't tell, lol. We are taking a family trip to the beach this summer, and I plan on taking both of these.  When you travel with several people you want to be covered up and decent while being comfortable as well.  I think these will be just perfect for that!
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