Nailtiques Formula 2

Hey everybody!  Today I thought I would tell you about a nail product that I have been using that is really working well for me.  Sometimes you don't want any color, and your nails are just too fragile to go completely bare. My nails have been peeling really bad lately, and I have been using a product that has worked miracles!  I am very active with my hands, I am constantly doing yard work, dishes, cleaning, etc.  With all the abuse I put my nails thru, you'd think I wouldn't have any at all.

While my nails grow EXTREMELY fast, I don't really want long nails. I more or less aim for nails that are long enough to file them where they're squared off.  Short and clean. I am constantly having to file length off my nails.  The Nailtiques Formula 2 nail protein has made my nails so much stronger!  The most amazing part? My nails have very little peeling anymore. Everything is filed and strong and always ready for polish. 

If you haven't tried this stuff, I highly recommend doing so. It makes your natural nails so much stronger and prettier!  I got mine from Ulta for $9.50 (0.25 oz bottle).  You can also get the 0.5oz bottle for $17.50.  That is definitely the one I'll get next time, I just wanted to test the smaller bottle out first to make sure it was something I liked.  Let me know if you've tried this and how you like it!  xoxoxo

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great weekend!
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