Happy Friday, Ya'll!

Hey everybody!!!  Just thought I would check in with everyone and let you know what we are up to today!  It's a gorgeous day in the mountains today, we definitely plan on going out and enjoying some sun today. Piper is chomping at the bit to get outside today.  As far as this morning we've just been doing some reading....

Great book, btw!  Highly recommend it if you enjoy memoirs. That's always been my favorite ( Piper says it's hers too!)

I've also been doing some pampering. Decisions, decisions....

I went with the Ahava Purifying Mud Mask. I've always enjoyed this mask, it leaves your skin feeling really clean. Weirdest thing, it goes on like a mud mask and dries clear. Then when you go to rinse it off, it looks like mud again. Loves it!

Another thing I'm also loving?  My Too Faced Chocolate Bar iPhone case!  It came with a purchase of one of their palettes. So cute. 

Alright guys, hope your weekend is awesome and keep an eye out for some more blog posts today!  xoxoxo-
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