Lawn And Yard Haul!

As some of you may know, I LOVE yard work!  I've picked up and dug up, bought, borrowed, and planted several things this week to help make this place look a little more presentable.

This spring I have planted 4 Azaleas (a large one pictured here), 3 Forsythias, 2 Snowball Bushes, 2 Quince Bushes, 4 Knockout Rose Bushes, 4 May Breeze Phlox, lilies, a Hibiscus, Tulip, and lots of Creeping Thyme.

I got this big, HEAVY bird feeder at Wal-Mart.  I love how durable it is and how it looks like a barn.  It was a little difficult to find somewhere to put it, but my birds seem to really be enjoying it.

Post Hole Diggers - they make life so much easier when you are planting lots of stuff.

3 of my smaller Azaleas and my Hibiscus.

I used a whole bag of Sevin Granules, and I also got a few jugs of the Sevin Dust.  My lawn has been treated for insects, the stone on the house has been sprayed for wasps and hornets, and all the poison ivy and oak I could find has been weedeated and sprayed with Roundup Poison Ivy killer.

And I thought I would give this a try!  My last water hose busted, and this seemed to be one of those gimmicky things worth giving a try.  So far I flat out love this thing.  It doesn't kink and is so easy to put away.  I love it.

Let me know what you guys are planting in your yards and what you are loving.  Everything is getting very colorful and lush here with all the sun and rain.  Loving it!  xoxoxo-
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