A Few Recent Beauty Purchases (Mostly Drugstore)

Hey guys!  I've picked up a handful of goodies this week and I thought I would share with you my initial thoughts on some of them.  I tend to be really happy with most things I buy, but I'm really not too happy with a couple of these.   Anyways, I'll  link everything below in case you want to give any of them a try!

Million Dollar Tan - Tan Icon Extreme Spray.  I paid $38 for this.  I have only used it once, and just sprayed it on my calves to test it out.  Right away I've not been too impressed.  Smelled realllyyyyy strong and while it gave me a pretty enough color, there are cheaper brands that do just as good or better.  I'll definitely use it, it was too $$$ not to.  But I don't think I would repurchase.

When I apply faux tan, I prefer to use a spray with a mitt.  The easiest application - ever - period.  I have really became a fan of Fake Bake Flawless and their mitt.  You get a new mitt with every bottle you purchase, it comes in the box.  It's thick and does the best job of any mitt ever.  But, where I bought the Million Dollar Tan for this time, it came with a paintbrush (which I will never use) I knew I would need a new tanning mitt.   I've used this Fake Bake mitt for so long it's on it's last leg.  So, I picked one up at Sephora to use with the Million Dollar Tan.

I chose the St. Tropez mitt because it had a 4.5/5 star rating.  And, I actually went there while I was in France, hehe.  But anyhoo, this is thin and flimsy and doesn't even come close to comparing to the Fake Bake mitt. This one is like a really thin styrofoam material that doesn't exactly mold to your hand.  The Fake Bake mitt is a thick, plushy material.  When you cup your hand around your arm to apply the tan, it perfectly molds to your arm and there is no streaking or anything.  The St. Tropez one is so thin and flimsy.  DEFINITELY sticking with Fake Bake.  You cannot beat that stuff.

I was watching a YouTube video about these new Cotton Clouds cotton pads the other day, and I just had to have them.  You get 220 squares of cotton for $3.99, so these are really cheap and affordable.  They are a supposed to be a dupe for the Shiseido Cotton.  (I have never tried the Shiseido ones, and after using these, I can tell you I won't be).  These are basically just little squares of 100% cotton.  Soft. Plain.  That's it.  I don't know what made me think I would like that better than the basic cotton rounds I pick up at Rite Aid or Walmart that are textured (exfoliating) and take your makeup or nail polish off SO much better.  I'm sticking with those next time around.

Now, on to some things I totally love.  First one up, my crystal nail file from Ulta.

The Nail Tek Crystal Nail File with case was $16.50.  Worth every penny!  When you file your nails with a crystal nail file, you will not use an emery board again.  Emery boards are rough and snag at your nails.  The crystal one is so smooth and does everything so fine.  And another plus?  The crystal never wears out.  You know how you constantly have to buy new emery boards because they lose their roughness?  The crystal nail file is good forever.  (Unless you drop it and break it or something, eek!)  So, in the long run it will be a wise investment.

If you know me at all then you are aware of my love affair with WNW eyeshadows.  This one is limited edition but I picked it up on Amazon this week.  You can still get this people!  Wet n' Wild Walking the Red Carpet Palette - Limited Edition Spring 2014

Even though I've got like 10 mascaras in their package in my drawer to use, I really wanted to try the Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara.  I got this at Ulta for $4.99.  Haven't tried it yet, but have heard so many good things about it.  I also picked up an Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss in Nude Candy.  Loooooooooooove this.  So gorgeous.  And for just $2.49, you couldn't ask for a prettier nude lip gloss.  And the last thing I got from Essence was one of their Silky Touch Blushes in Babydoll.  So creamy.  So pretty.  So cheap, only $2.99.  I have since ordered all the rest of the shades they offer.

If you have thin, peeling nails you have GOT to try this.  It's the Nailtiques Formula 2 Nail Protein.  It is basically an invisible shield for your nails that makes them almost invincible.  OMGsh, totally loves it.  It's available in two different sizes at Ulta, 0.25oz is $9.50 and 0.5oz for $17.50.  I went with the smaller one since this is my first bottle.  I wanted to make sure it was something I would love.  Next time I get it, I'll definitely go for the larger one.

I picked up an Elf Studio Baked Blush from the Eyes Lips Face website for $3.00.

I chose the shade Pinktastic and will use it as a highlighter.  It's pretty.  I'm not like crazy in love with it, but it is pretty.  We will see if it grows on me.  Not one of my favorite or least favorite highlighters in my collection.

I also picked up from Elf one of their Mineral Lipsticks in the shade Natural Nymph for $5.00.  

Can you even see my swatch?  This lipstick is almost completely skin color.  It's really thick and opaque, I like it.  Although I probably prefer Myth or Rimmel's Nude Delight both a little more.

Milani Bronzer XL in Fake Tan.  I totally love this!  You get a big ole compact of product (0.42 oz/12 grams).  This will last for like, ever.  Basically what you get are two bronzers in one package - one matte and one slightly shimmery.  The dark taupe bronzer is matte, the lighter brown shade has very subtle shimmers in it.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.
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