50 Random Facts/Get To Know Me

1. I am named after Erica Kane on All My Children.
2. My favorite color is white.
3. I don't have children but I have 3 cats and 2 dogs and personally consider myself the mother of  five. 
4. My lucky # is 7 (the day of my birth).
5. I was born on Pearl Harbor Day, the date which will live in infamy.
6. I adore Springsteen.
7. ...and Eric Church.
8. I am a hopeless romantic.
9. I love the rain. (Even more than sunshine).
10. I type with my toes. Not literally like on a keyboard, but to myself. I imagine my feet on a keyboard and type out my words. Shift key to capitalize and all. I do this even more so if I am nervous.
11. I have a beauty-product addiction (makeup, hair products, skin products, nail polish, etc).
12. I was born early and my fingernails were not fully formed.
13. I had an absentee father.
14. I am from a very small town in southeastern Kentucky. Born and bred to bleed blue, I will forever be a proud hillbilly.
15. My first word was 'pop.' I loved it, my mom even put it in my bottle.
16. My iPhone is my lifeline. I do everything on it and cannot live without it.
17. I had skin cancer at the age of 26.
18. I am also named after my grandmother, my 3rd name is Kathleen.
19. I have 'Misophonia'. No joke. Certain sounds send me off the deep end (smacking when eating, incessant sniffling or clearing of one's throat, shuffling of feet).
20. I don't enjoy a lot of cartoons but Pepé Le Pew and Donald Duck never get old.
21. When I was little I wanted John Mellencamp to be my husband and Mic Jagger to be my daddy.
22. I am an aunt to the greatest little boy and little girl in the world.
23. I love to travel.
24. I am obsessed with true crime tv (48 Hours, Dateline, 20/20).
25. I think Diane Lane is a timeless beauty.
26. Cremecup and Hue by MAC and Siren by Revlon are my signature lipsticks.
27. For Audrey by China Glaze is my signature nail color.
28. I love deeply, with my whole heart.
29. I love the smell of books. The first thing I do when I get one is crack it open and take a whiff.
30. I like to read magazines back to front.
31. I pray all day every day. I don't believe in only praying when you need something. All throughout my day I thank God for my blessings in life.
 32. I once worked 8 hours with a broken arm before I knew it was broke. I went and had it casted and went back to work and finished my 12 hour shift.
33. I fell at the Mountain Heritage Festival in my hometown and broke my foot. My first and only ER visit.
34. I love any and all things Parisian.
35. The furthest I have ever been away from home is probably Europe (France, Spain, Italy). Or Hawaii. I'm not sure which is furthest in miles from Kentucky???
36. I love meeting celebrities.
37. I am a nurse.
38. I despise the feel of a newspaper. I cannot read them because I hate to touch them. I also hate to touch cotton balls.
 39. I love the word 'wonky' lol. As in, 'she did a great job with her makeup but her eyeliner was a little wonky.'
40. ...and  'podunk'.
41. My favorite song of all-time is 'Leather and Lace' by Don Henley and Stevie Nicks.
42. I'm not much for Twitter, I'm a FB girl all the way.
43. I wish I could play the flute.
44. I could watch YouTube videos all day. So much better than tv.
45. I love to cook and try new recipes.
46. My mama is my favorite person.
47. I love yard work and basically anything else that brings me instant gratification.
48. I like organization and for all my things to be very orderly.
49. I only drive European.  What can I say, they're my fave!
50. I am a very private person when it comes to serious or personal matters. I also believe in living simply, and that a peaceful life is a happy life.

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