Makeup Declutter and Purge

Hey guys! As you may be aware, my love of makeup and all things beauty related is immense. I have accumulated so much stuff over the years, and as time goes on I find myself not using half of what I own. I end up really falling in love with certain items, and then the rest of my collection ends up just laying there not being used. I have really been trying to declutter and purge these items in my collection. When I first started it was kind of hard because I kept thinking, well maybe I'll use this someday. The truth is, if something has sat in your drawer for 2+ years I can tell ya, you're never gonna use it. Why keep things just to say you own them? Why keep things that are simply taking up room in your storage space that you could be using for things you actually love and use? I haven't got rid of all that much, but I took some pics of some of the items and thought I would share them with you. I highly recommend going through your makeup collection and weeding out items you don't find yourself reaching for. Once you start it's addicting. Feels so good to pass things on to someone else who will actually use it and it's not $$$ wasted!

This was my first round of decluttering.  Various items and products, I don't remember what all I got rid of, but just by looking at the photo I can tell you some of them.  Benefit Confessions of a Concealaholic, Revlon foundation, Hard Candy Glamoflauge x2, Hard Candy concealer palettes x2, Elf concealer palette, Anastasia brow gel, Sephora mascara, Hard Candy Glossaholics x2, Avon lipsticks, Maybelline eyeliners and brow pencils, Lip Venom, Victoria's Secret lip plumper, Mally eyeliner, WNW concealer, etc.

NYX is by far one of my FAVORITE makeup brands, but I simply cannot stand the smell/taste of their glosses.  I'm not one to usually be sensitive to smells, but I can't stomach the cherry cough syrup odor.  Some people love these, smell and all, and I wish I did.  They are beautiful.  Other things I ditched?  Laura Geller lipstick, Heidi Klum lipstick, Mary Kay lipglosses.  All great products, I just have other things I love and reach for and these simply don't get used.

Again, great products, I just don't use them.  Why not give them to someone who will!

I recently purchased a crystal glass nail file and decided to do away with all of my emery boards.  Crystal nail files are so much gentler on your nails than these.  I can't see myself ever going back.

And  last but not least, I have to do some bragging.  This is my beautiful niece all dolled up for her dance at school.  She is definitely following in her auntie's footsteps with her love of all things girly.  At just 7 years old she is already such an exquisite beauty.  Love her.
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