DIY Concert Shirt: Iron-On How To

Hey guys! So as many of you know, I am going to see my FAVORITE -- Bruce Springsteen -- next week! Yay! I wanted to wear something showing some love for him, but all I have is a t-shirt from his last concert. My absolute favorite album cover of all time is "Born in the USA", displaying his iconic backside, the American flag, and the infamous red Yankees hat. It's very hard to find tops with this on it, so I decided just to do it myself. I bought me some iron ons sheets at Walmart, I can't remember how much they were....I know they were under $10 though. Then I googled the image I wanted to save, printed it, and voila! I had my iron-on. One thing to keep in mind....when you print an iron-on the image is a mirror-image, so it is backwards. Just wanted to mention that so you didn't freak out when your iron-on prints. Once it's ironed on your shirt it is no longer backwards.

The weather is so unpredictable this time of year, so as far as shirts go, I wanted something nice and cool but not too cool in case it's cold, lol. I found this BUTTERY soft top at Walmart for like $12 (I think) by Danskin. It's white, super soft and stretchy, 3/4 sleeves, kind of broken in, thin and cool, slightly longer in the back than in the front, and well, I love it. Totally perfect.

I heated my iron up, ironed my top and made sure it was free of any wrinkles, and started ironing. MAKE SURE you iron for the full recommended time (about 3 minutes, if not longer). The edges are the last thing to stick and you could really make a mess of your iron on.

Once you've done all your ironing, let it cool for a few mins, slowly peel back your paper and you're done!

Hope this helps and gives you some ideas! I totally LOVE how mine turned out! Now I've got something nice and comfy to wear to the concert of this band I love so much. Ciao!

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