Getting Ready For Springsteen!

In less than one week I will once again be sharing the same room with The Boss!!!!   I cannot wait!  

General admission this time around, baby. I'm gonna show up super duper early in the hopes of getting somewhere close to the stage.  Becauseeeee, I have already made a sign that He just has to see!

If I'm kinda far back I will flash this side of my board. 'I'm Goin Down' is my all time favorite Springsteen song.  And I asked for his guitar pick while I was at it, lol. And since it was blue and white I had to leave a little note showing some BBN pride!  Go cats!

And the reverse side of my sign. My favorite lyric of any Springsteen song ever.  If I'm pretty close to the stage I will hold up this side. I want him to sing to me. With my name! Here's hoping...

I got me some iron ons to make me a BOSS inspired tee to wear to the concert. After I get that done then I think I'm set. I'm a little scared going by myself and fighting the crowds up there alone, but seeing him will be worth it. I wouldn't miss this show for anything.  Fan For Life.

Keep an eye out for your #1 Kentucky Fan, Mr. Bruce Frederick Joseph ...it's no other than Miss Erica Nicole Kathleen ;)

Alright guys, time to hit the sack. Hope all of you have a great week. It's supposed to be beautiful, so go outside and take it all in. Xoxoxo

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