A Lover's Dance

For a short moment in time,
we shared a lover's dance.
The light was yellow, it was magic,
in such foolish incandescence.
We twirled and swayed to tunes so sweet,
in perfect unison, the world at our feet.
Intimate and close, we held on tight.
Held our breath and gave our all,
two hearts on the line
with the last curtain fall.
And in one final spin our dance was over.
My partner swept so far away,
so far I couldn't see.
Our lover's dance had come to an end,
my soul reached out in need.
In search of the one who could take my hand,
and spin me round the room.
Dip me down and pick me up and stay throughout it all,
a final dance to end no more, a partner to catch me when I fall.
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