New Nars Goodies: Ita Brush/NARSissist Cheek Kit

Hey everybody!  As most of you may know, the Nars Ita Brush is one hot commodity. It's sold out on every website and is going for crazy high prices on eBay. Always on the hunt for the latest and greatest, I went on a mission to get myself one. After going on every single website that ever sold it only to find out it was unavailable EVERYWHERE, I luckily stumbled upon the Nars store in LA.  It's their flagship store on Melrose, and if anyone had access to this brush, I was sure it would be them. I found their phone number and gave them a call and they put me on a wait list for the brush. Let me just say, the lady I spoke with was SO nice and SO helpful. It only took about a week for them to call me back to let me know that my brush was there and ready to ship. The reason this brush is so hard to find is because Nars stopped production on it. So, what they had made sold and that was that. The associate at the Nars store told me that they had reproduced the brush in a new/improved version. This was the brush I was able to receive. She said it was a higher quality goat hair on the brush, and that certain aspects had just been tweaked.  This brush isn't available in stores for a couple more months, but since I went directly through the store I was able to get it before it's been released. I was so happy when I got this, and to know I was getting the new and improved version!  While we were on the phone the sales associate told me they also had the new NARSissist Cheek Kit that had just arrived, again not available in stores yet. The kit also comes with a blush brush which on its own retails for over $40.  I told her to add that to my order as well!

The package was shipped via Fed Ex and everything was bubble wrapped really nicely. 

How nice. They sent a handwritten card with my receipt and a tinted moisturizer sample. 

The new Ita brush is $55 and the Cheek Kit with a brush was only $49!  

So hard to find, I'm so glad I was able to get this.  (In case you're not familiar with the Ita brush, it's a great contour brush).

Cheek Kit:  Blush Brush # 20, Devotee Highlighter, Orgasm Blush, Laguna Bronzer. 

This puppy is definitely going to replace my Sleek highlighter/blush/bronzer trio that I have in my travel makeup bag. Nars is by far my favorite high end makeup brand. It's such a great quality and I have never been disappointed in anything I have purchased from them. If you're on the hunt for either of these products, call their store in LA and they will help you out. Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great week, peeps!
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