New Beauty Room Curtains

Hi guys!  As some of you may know from my blog, I have been working on my beauty room (aka Boom-Boom room) recently and I wanted to share with you my adorable new curtains!  My beauty room is very small, it's actually a guest room that houses a bed, my vanity, and a large portion of my clothing. Basically, it's a crammed mess. But anyways, I wanted some really cute curtains for this room.  Something that would let a lot of natural light in, not just basic panels, and something that would look good in a makeup room. I painted the wall behind my vanity a really pretty dark pink, and I wanted curtains in that color to kind of pull everything together.

My pink wall!

My curtains!  They are these really cute, silky string panels. They are really feminine and different, kind of burlesque??  I found them on eBay for like $5 or $6 a panel (mine are in Rose Red). Really cheap but so cute!  They come REALLY long so they will basically fit any window. Then you just trim them to the length you want. 

I totally love the look of these really cute and affordable curtains!  Give them a try if you're on the hunt for something different like these. Have a great weekend, everybody!
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