DIY Vanilla Almond Sugar Scrub With Coconut Oil

Hey guys!  I recently mentioned in a previous blog post that I am really getting into natural skin care. So today I thought I would share my recipe for a VERY hydrating body scrub I've been using and loving.  It only takes a couple of ingredients and makes your skin feel downright amazing.

The only things you really have to use are sugar and coconut oil. I added a couple drops of almond flavoring just for the luscious scent, and a couple of drops of vitamin E.  Vitamin E is not only great for your skin but it's also a natural preservative for oils in your homemade concoctions.  I used two parts sugar (mine is a coarse, organic cane sugar, but any will do) and one part coconut oil (I used Monoi Coconut Oil with Vanilla, it's 100% pure and smells good enough to eat).  And again, I just added a couple of drops of almond flavoring and vitamin E oil. I made very little, about enough for a week.  I just scooped it into an empty candy dish I had, nothing fancy. If I was giving this to someone as a gift I would package it a little nicer. 

I'll quickly tell you how I use this. I do all my stuff in the shower first: soap up, shave, rinse my hair, etc.  This is literally the last thing I do in the shower, as it's very emollient and oil based. I just take a couple of scoops into my hand and scrub away all over my body. I take special care to also do my feet, I swear, you don't even have to use a pumice stone or anything, this makes your feet feel SO soft.  I then rinse off really well (water will bead off your skin due to the oil), and wrap my hair up in a towel and then towel off my body. You are left with very soft, supple skin.  A body lotion is totally optional, you don't even need one. Note:  if you do not like feeling slightly oily and/or greasy, either adjust the recipe to your liking...add more sugar - less oil...or skip the scrub altogether. Once you towel off you are not oily or greasy, but I know some people hate the thoughts of being oily at all.  I personally love it and prefer it as opposed to a cream moisturizer or lotion. Soft, glowing, buttery skin is my thing. 

If you have any questions just let me know!  I got my sugar, vitamin E, and almond flavoring at Walmart.  My vanilla coconut oil I ordered from Vitacost. Have a great week, everybody!
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