Small Nail Polish Haul

Hi guys!  Hope you're enjoying this beautiful day!  I have my windows open and some country music playing on the radio, and all is good in my world!  It's that wonderful time of year when all these great new polishes are hitting the shelves, and I thought I would show you what I've picked up recently. 

Ooh!  So pretty!  My favorite polish by Essie is Topless & Barefoot, just a creamy, opaque flesh tone. This new one Cocktails & Coconuts is from their Resort 2014 line. It is very similar to Topless & Barefoot, but this one has some GORGEOUS shimmers in it. Nothing over the top, but when the light catches it it is absolutely beautiful. LOOOOOVE. 

I got both me and my mom a pack of these for $5 on clearance. They are Formula X for Sephora. Will be great for the holidays!

If you can't tell, I love nude nails. It doesn't get much better than Deborah Lippmann Naked. Ahh. 

I bought this because my aunt said she bought it and loved it.  (Hi Tracy!!  Hehe!). And OMGsh, Play Date is such a pretty, creamy, vibrant purple. Love it!!!

So as you may have seen in a previous blogpost from me this week, white nails are going to be white hot for spring 2014 (according to People Stylewatch magazine).  I read some reviews online and decided to try OPI's Alpine Snow. I'm a little nervous about this one, stark whites can be really difficult to apply. You have to be kinda perfect or it looks all a mess. Something with a pink hue or an off white is usually a little more forgiving. But I will give it a shot!

So, years and years and years ago I jumped on the OPI Bubble Bath train.  It is a gorgeous whitish-pink. It can be a little streaky and hard to apply, but the result is really subtle and sweet. Well, I was reading online that over the years Bubble Bath has apparently changed a little. It used to be more white, now it's supposedly more pink and easier to apply. I picked up a new bottle to compare to my old one. My old one is on the left, the new one is on the right. I see a slight color difference, the old being more white. Maybe I'll be able to tell more when I swatch them. Either way, it is a really beautiful color and I'll love it regardless!

And YouTube made me buy it.  Again.  Sally Hansen Punch Drunk, a gorgeous radiant orchid hue!  Lemme know what you're loving!  Bye for now!
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