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Hey guys!  It's been a few days since I last posted, I have actually got myself knee deep in a project that I'm still not finished with. Sitting here a couple of evenings ago I decided I would paint the living room. (This is often how painting comes about in all of my rooms).  So I went straight out and bought some paint and started. It's coming along nicely, but I forgot just how much of a job painting a room can be. I'm totally putting off doing the ceiling...I HATE PAINTING CEILINGS!

Anyways, let's get to it. Something I've just recently started enjoying is pigments. I've never really liked them, they are a little more difficult to use than a basic eyeshadow, then there's the fallout you have to deal with. But, they're just so pretty on other people!  After looking at several online, I hated to spend all that $$$ on these jars of pigment I'm not sure I would ever in a lifetime use (you get a LOT of product).  That's when I found the The Body Needs 2 website. You can buy a sample of almost any Mac product for a fraction of the price. I bought 4 pigment samples ranging from $2-$3 or so for 0.05oz.  

(Naked, Blue Brown, Mauvement, Reflects Pearl)

All the pigments came labeled, sealed, and with a sifter.  So handy and so much appreciated. 

A comparison shot with a Makeup Geek pigment so you can see the amount of product you're getting. 

I've always used Soft Ochre paint pot, but have never tried Painterly. I went ahead and grabbed a sample of that while I was at it, along with two lipstick samples:  Creme In Your Coffee and Creme d' Nude.  

They also sent me a sample of a lip gloss/luster thingy. It smells like straight up candy, it's yummy lol.

So, basically I got all these goodies for 20 bucks. I know some of the products are not huge (paint pot and lipsticks), but you get plenty of those to see if it's something you're gonna like. And as far as the pigments go, I am fine with their size. They have so much in them I probably won't ever use all of these!  But at such a low price, I am able and am going to try more colors. I hadn't ever ordered from this company before, so this was a trial run. You checkout via PayPal, so it's a trusted site. I didn't worry about that. I just wanted to know the quality of the product would be at a certain standard, and it was. Perfect packaging, perfect labeling, I couldn't be happier. So if there's a product you've been wanting to try from Mac but don't want to pay a whole lot on something that might not be right for you, then here's you a solution. Buy a sample that will last you at least a couple weeks or so (even longer with the pigments) and see what you think, then make the investment if it's something that ends up working for you. It's definitely a win-win if you ask me. 

I hope you can decipher what I was trying to say. I am absolutely exhausted and a little out of sorts.  So anyways, goodnight!  Muaahh!
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  1. Hi blogger!!
    We are makeuplova.com and we are excited to let you know that we offer free MAC Pigment samples to bloggers or youtubers who mention us on their website/spread the word. Makeuplova offers MAC pigment samples at a very low discount rate of only $0.99!! Why pay to buy the whole jar when you can first try it out right?? Visit our website if you are interested.

    1. I will definitely check your site out! Thanks!!!
      xoxoxo - Erica

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